Metroid Dread reportedly left out some staff names out of the credits

After a long wait, Metroid Dread has finally landed in the hands of the gaming public, and needless to say, the game is receiving a round of applause by everybody, as evidenced by an 89 MetaCritic rating.

Not everything is good news though because a LinkedIn post by Roberto Mejias (as reported by Vandal) claims that MercuryStream, the devs behind Metroid Dread, left his name out of the credits despite a few of his assets being used.

He congratulates the team for the outstanding game and praises them for the amount of talent that they have but also goes on to ask if omitting his name from the credits was a mistake.

Check out a screenshot of the post below:

metroid dread credits

The report by Vandal has since been updated, adding another LinkedIn post from Tania Peñaranda, who also says that “it also saddens me to see that I am not reflected in the credits for this work that I did. It has been hard for me to see that they have considered that it should be like this when I keep seeing a lot of animations that I made in every gameplay.”

According to the report, a MercuryStream representative has responded to the claim and said that “the policy of the studio requires that anyone must work on the project [for] at least 25% of the total development of the game to appear in the final credits. Sometimes exceptions are made when making exceptional contributions.”

Obviously, there’s a rule that is set by some companies regarding crediting work done by the staff on the game. Some companies credit work even after the staff has left the company while some have certain requirements, like the 25% as mentioned by the MercuryStream rep.

Do you think that work, no matter how small, should be credited in the final product?

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