Astra Guild Ventures Gives You The Opportunity To Earn While Playing

Astra Guild Ventures, or AGV, is a gaming guild where anyone looking to play can go to and try to even get a spot. AGV, in fact, has 2,035 players and you could be the next one!

It’s the start of the new year, and now, more than ever, there are so many opportunities out there to earn extra cash for our growing list of needs and wants. Even in this time of the “new normal”, there are many opportunities out there, even from Play-to-Earn (P2E) setups that have been made accessible to all.

How do I start?

Much like starting any venture that involves income, you’ll need to think and consider a lot of things first – how much risk do you want to put in? Will it be a self-investment, where a game would be chosen, and assets are acquired to be able to play?

This is definitely a track where most go, and spending around upwards of PHP 20,000 is quite common, but for those that do not have the funds to start, they can apply for a so-called “scholarship” where these digital assets used to play are lent out.

Then there is the concept of profit-sharing, which varies depending on the manager or guild and player. A daily quota is also implemented along with participation in guild activities. All of these vary from manager to manager, or from guild to guild.

Specifically, in Axie Infinity, a player must have a team of 3 Axies and these are lent out in the scholarship program. A player can at least, in a day, earn up to 75 SLP, which is the token awarded in the game, and it takes between an hour to two to play. AGV plans to expand to other P2E games in the future, providing more opportunities to those who are next in line as scholars.

How do I become a part of the Astra Guild Ventures team?

astra guild ventures

For those looking for an opportunity, you’ll be glad to know that AGV is definitely taking in scholars. Depending on slot availability, it could take anywhere from a week or two, and those applying must be active in the communities put up by AGV, such as in their Discord server. Participating in their activities is also a big plus!

Following AGV’s various social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Telegram. In-depth instructions for becoming a scholar can be found over at their Discord server, so joining is definitely a must.

Slowly but surely, you will definitely be part of the AGV community. It surely is a test of grit and commitment, but AGV is right here to help you reach that goal.

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