Fan-Made Custom God of War PlayStation 5 Plates Look Absolutely Amazing

Sony designed the PS5 to be customizable, as evidenced by the snap-on plates that can be replaced in a snap. While some have simply painted on the plates or have put on stickers to make their PS5 stand out, others are customizing the plates to great effect, making it a masterful work of art.

Posted on the God of War public Facebook group by Débora Sampaio, the custom PlayStation 5 is a stunning feat of creativity that took almost one month to get done. Both plates of the PS5 are made to look like a wooden chest, with each side showing the iconic handprint and the Guardian Shield and Leviathan on the other.

Each part of the set features meticulous craftsmanship and detail, and it even comes with a strip for the glossy middle section of the PS5. It also comes with a Mimir head accessory and a base stand garbed with the iconic God of War logo.

Sampaio says that this is a fully functional kit with all air vents fully open, so you can actually use it and not just as a display along with your PS5.

You can see images of the custom God of War PlayStation 5 below:

Want one? Well the custom God of War PlayStation 5 plates are limited to only 50 pieces worldwide and retails for 1000 UAE Dirhams, or around PHP 13,700++, which you can check out from the Gom-Gom Collectibles page.

For more of their amazing work, you can check our Anderson and Débora Sampaio’s Instagram page,

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