Details Of New BioShock Game Have Leaked

When BioShock Infinite was released back in 2013, little did we know that it would be the last game in the series for a while. Fans looking forward to a follow-up have been waiting patiently, but it seems that reports over the weekend have started picking up traction, pointing to some leaks and corroborated information that will get fans excited.

Details of the said leak point to a video from Colin Moriarty from his Sacred Symbols podcast (paid content), saying that BioShock Isolation, codenamed “Parkside”, will be set in a fictional Antarctic city in the 1960s called Borealis. It is being developed by Cloud Chamber, who was hiring for a senior writer back in April.

BioShock creator Ken Levine is reportedly not involved with the new BioShock project. However, Levine’s new studio Ghost Story Games and its debut game has been picked up by publisher Take-Two interactive, which is described as an “immersive sim with RPG elements.”

Rumors like these are not new, but what adds credence to it is the fact that even without official confirmation, both VGC and Eurogamer have corroborated the information with their sources so the possibility of it being true is up there.

Could a reveal be scheduled for The Game Awards happening in the next few days?

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