Slitterhead Is The New Horror Game From The Creator Of Silent Hill

Bokeh Game Studio, recently founded by Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, has revealed their latest horror game called Slitterhead, and it is as freaky and scary as you can imagine.

There is still very little we know about the game in terms of specifics like what platform it’ll come out on and when it’ll release, but a teaser trailer already shows the brand of horror we can come to expect from Toyama and the team.

Toyama shared a message after the reveal, saying that it will be some time before the release of Slitterhead, especially since their team is not comparable to a triple-A team scale, but they will continue to share updates about the game in the future.

Another thing to look out for will be Akira Yamaoka’s involvement in Slitterhead, as he is known for his iconic work as the composer from the Silent Hill series. These legendary talents are joined by Junya Okura (Gravity Rush lead game designer) and Kazunobu Sato (The Last Guardian producer).

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