Persona 3 Portable Rumored To Be Getting A Multiplatform Remaster

The recently concluded Game Awards dropped a surprise announcement in the form of a Persona 4 Arena Ultimax release for the PS4, Switch, and PC on March 17, 2022. While that announcement proved to be a surprise to many, a leaker by the name of Zippo has apparently broken the news since back in July.

This time around, Zippo once again is “posting his W” again on his blog that includes a short statement that could hint at another remaster incoming. He simply says “Oh, and Persona 3 Portable is getting a remaster. Multiplatform.” No platforms were specified but if the recent P4 Arena Ultimax release is anything to go by, a PS4, Switch, and PC release is a good bet.

Of course, this is very little to go by, but Zippo has been right before so we’ll take this as a possibility. Zippo has also been wrong before, so taking this Persona 3 Portable “leak” with a grain of salt is always a wise thing to do since there isn’t any official announcement yet.

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Atlus is indeed celebrating the 25th anniversary of Persona, so a slate of new announcements is definitely in the cards. While many are still hoping to see a Persona 5 Royal release on the Switch and PC, and even a possible Persona 6 announcement, this one will surely be appreciated by long-time fans of the franchise.

Are you looking forward to a Persona 3 Portable remaster?

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