BAIT And Adidas Unveil Street Fighter Collab

New year = new things to buy! Kicking (heh) off 2022 in style is this Street Fighter collab from West Coast retailer BAIT and Adidas featuring Ryu, Chun-Li, E. Honda, and everybody’s favorite stretchy buddy, Dhalsim.

We get 4 pairs of kicks under the Ozweego and Lexicon silhouettes, with iconic colors per pair and matching insoles that feature the stages of each character. Various other details litter the upper part of the shoe like Dhalsim’s skull necklace.

Not just shoes, but the BAIT collab also features apparel to go with the kicks, which highlight the 4 characters with short and long-sleeved shirts.

BAIT Street Fighter Collection

You can view the collection below:

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These collabs don’t usually release here in the Philippines, so if you’re interested in a pair or two, be sure to hit up your plug for these drops.

You can view the full collection and much more, along with getting a pair or two, over at the BAIT website.

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