Kriegsfront Tactics Is A Mecha Strategy Game To Look Out For

In case you need more mecha in your life this new year, then this could be the game for you.

Toge Productions, the talented devs behind such games as the upcoming Coffee Talk 2, has announced the mecha tactics game Kriegsfront Tactics for the PC via Steam. We’re partly freaking out because it reminds us of another mecha favorite of ours from the ’90s called Front Mission, so this would certainly catch the attention of strategy fans out there and would actually be perfect for the Nintendo Switch.

Kriegsfront Tactics Overview

Check out the overview of the game below:


Kriegsfront Tactics is a procedural turn-based mecha tactics for military sim fans where we combine elements from classic tactical strategy games, roguelikes, and lowpoly retro-style visuals.

Set in alternate 1970s during an era of conflict in Southeast Asia, you’ll play as a commander of a mecha squad sent behind enemy lines. Manage your squad, resources, and mechs. Complete missions, and survive the front another day, while facing hard decisions that will test your morality.

Key Features

Customize Your Mechs – Customize your mech’s livery, salvage or swap parts, and equip weapons.

Recruit Pilots and Build Your Squad – Meet interesting characters and recruit them to join your cause. Each character with their own skills, traits, and stories.

Survive 1970s Southeast Asian Jungle – Explore the jungles of Southeast Asia during an era of conflict, encounter events, and uncover secrets in this alternate 1970s world.

Execute Tactical Mecha Operations – Plan ahead, strategize, and use your tactical prowess to outsmart your enemies.

Metal Crunching Cinematic Combat – Watch the mayhem and destruction unfold, metal against metal

No release date was given, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one throughout the year.

Are you looking forward to this game?

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