Final Fantasy Tactics Bring Arts Figures Coming Later This Year

Hopes for a new Final Fantasy Tactics game may not happen anytime soon, but we can get the next best things with these fantastic Bring Arts figures that look absolutely perfect.

Square Enix has announced new figures for Final Fantasy Tactics fans out there, featuring Ramza Beoulve, Delita Hyral, and a personal favorite in Agrias Oaks. Each figure goes for around 9,680 Yen (around PHP 4,800) and is now available for pre-orders on the Square Enix store, or you can check local retailers for pre-order availability.

Check out some of the images below:

All three figures are set to come out later this year, with Ramza seeing a July release, Agrias in August, and Delita in September.

Let us know which one you’ll be getting… or better yet, get all of them!

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