Game One PH and I-Tech have issued an advisory regarding Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake pre-orders

Similar to Datablitz from a few days back, local retailers Game One PH and I-Tech have now issued statements for customers who have pre-ordered Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake physical copies from their stores.

As you may know, local malls and retailers have complied with the enhanced community quarantine guidelines and with all physical game copies taking a hit, delays have to be expected until the situation loosens up.

Customers are encouraged to fill up forms depending on what game they have pre-ordered and Game One / I-Tech will be reaching out to you directly for updates on the matter. Please see corresponding links below:

Form for Resident Evil 3
Form for Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Digital is definitely the way to go during these times and if you are wondering how to go about gaming with limited access to the outside world, here’s some advice for you!

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