Ven’rif Is An Upcoming Free-To-Play Game Made By 2 Filipino Devs

In case you are looking to support local talented game devs, then you might want to check out this game made by a team of 2 Filipino Devs called Ven’rif.

Ven’Rif Details

Spotted on Reddit and posted by u/tftgm_nic, Ven’rif is an upcoming free-to-play game made by 2 Filipino devs from Vilein Studios and it is a curious mix of an auto-battler, card game, and impostor game all rolled into one. The impostor aspect of it is intriguing, and the devs have clarified it by saying that “players are given a choice to either play in the dungeons or sabotage other people’s dungeon runs,” and while it isn’t strictly similar to similar games like Among Us, there will be betrayal elements.

It took the team 4 months to create the game but mentioned that it took them almost 5 years to learn Unity HDRP, which is still very impressive for a team of 2 talented devs. The game is aimed to be a competitive title, with tournaments and a ranking system planned.

They are targeting to release the demo on Steam sometime in April 2022.

The team also had a previous project called “Tales from the Game Master” that didn’t quite pan out as they were hoping to, but with the accumulated knowledge and experience over the years, they seem quite ready for Ven’rif.

For more information about the game, you can check out the official website of Ven’rif and check out their official Discord.

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