Legends Of Runeterra: A Curious Journey Expansion Is Now Available

The newest expansion for Legends of Runeterra, dubbed A Curious Journey, is now live for all players, bringing with it a slew of new updates like 48 new collectible cards, four new champions – Gnar, Yuumi, Galio, and Udyr, and two new keywords – Attach & Formidable.

A Curious Journey – New Champions

In A Curious Journey, four new champions are at our disposal, ensuring new ways to battle against our opponents.

Gnar is the first champion to have the ability to transform between Level 1 and Level 2. You can draw cards in his curious Level 1 form, and smash the enemy Nexus by swapping to Level 2. Yuumi is a support champion that brings a new dimension to the game by being playable as a normal unit, or Attaching to an allied unit to grant them bonus stats and abilities.

We also have Udyr, who brings the wild spirits of the Freljord to swap stances and grant him and his allies powerful buffs. Lastly, Galio is Demacia’s vigilant protector, granting his allies additional health and makes full use of his bulk with the new Formidable keyword, taking down large foes by using his health as power.

A Curious Journey – New Keywords

In this expansion, we also see the introduction of two new keywords – Attach and Formidable.

Units with Attach can be played on the board as a normal unit, or can Attach to an allied unit, providing that unit with the attached unit’s stats and keywords, amongst other bonuses depending on the card. Using Attach counts as targeting an allied unit and triggers effects like Fated, providing even more power.

Formidable units turn bulk into brawn, and Strike using their current Health instead of their Power. Because they’ll get worn down through clashing with enemy units, be sure to keep Formidable units healthy to make the most out of them.

For a full list of patch notes, you can check out the official Legends of Runeterra Website.

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