Elden Ring Speedrun Now Down To Just Below 7 Minutes

Another day, another Elden Ring speedrun by Distortion2. The streamer recently just zipped through the game in under 9 minutes a couple of days ago and now, he’s hit another record with a sub-7 run, rolling credits on the game faster than I could create my character.

Distortion2 has almost mastered the art of zipping, which is a glitch that allows players to traverse great distances after a series of precise button presses. This glitch is the key to the run, and upon watching the video, you’ll see that he does it so well that it only takes him a couple of tries each time to pull it off.

There are times he stumbles a bit, and once perfected, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that the run could maybe even hit the sub-6 mark. This run literally skips all bosses and doesn’t even require dying in the first part of the game to get to Limgrave, simply zipping all the way.

You can view the full run below:

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It’s crazy to even think about how players discover things like these, and it would be interesting to see if FromSoftware decides to nerf the glitch or just let it be. Whatever the case may be, the community will almost always find ways.

Elden Ring is now available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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