Metal Slug: Awakening Open Beta Launches on August 22

VNGGames and Tencent have announced that the open beta for Metal Slug: Awakening is launching on August 22.

Known for its iconic side-scrolling gameplay, this latest mobile version of the legendary Metal Slug IP will feature refined HD graphics that showcase impressive character movement and animation that aim to give the best experience to the fans.

metal slug awakening art 3

Metal Slug: Awakening features multiple innovative enhancements to memorable weapons like the Flame Shot, Blizzard, and Shotgun, along with a line-up of new and unique weapons like the Boxing Gun, Saw Launcher, and more.

The control scheme has also been updated, enabling commanders to seamlessly experience smooth side-scrolling gameplay just like in old times.

metal slug awakening screenshot 2

An all-new PVP battle mode, Prime Showdown, will also make its way to Metal Slug: Awakening. Players will be able to pick 3 characters and control them on the battlefield, combating boss enemies and grabbing numerous strength-empowering resources.

The game will also introduce Hot Pursuit, a roguelike game mode that consists of 10 small levels, where each completion will allow players to randomly select skill enhancements to take to the next level.

metal slug awakening screenshot 4

More than 2 million players have already registered for Metal Slug: Awakening, and i you haven’t yet, you can do so through THIS LINK. Once the number of pre-registrants hit a certain milestone, more rewards will be given to all players!

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