Monster Hunter Rise has already shipped 4 million units worldwide

In case you aren’t convinced yet on how big of a hit Monster Hunter Rise is going to be, initial numbers show 4 million units shipped worldwide for Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter title. Take note, “shipped”, meaning unit sent over to stores and retailers from just the weekend alone. That’s pretty crazy!

Capcom has announced the following after a blistering launch over the weekend, which was reviewed very well by critics, calling it an essential game for Switch owners and not just fans of the series.

In comparison, Monster Hunter: World back in 2018 shipped over 5 million copies in the same time frame. To put thing into perspective, MH World launched on the PS4 and Xbox One during that time, while MH Rise is a Switch exclusive, making this even more impressive than it actually looks.

Overall, since it started back in 2004, the Monster Hunter series has sold over 66 million copies as of December 31, 2020, making it a global hit for newcomers and veterans alike.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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