Leaked info reveals possible PlayStation 5 startup screen and storage space

After the price reveal, Sony has remained eerily quiet about its next-gen console. While we already know about the retail boxes and the launch lineup, other details remain unknown like the UI and the loading times. If this recent development is true, there is leaked info that reveals the possible PlayStation 5 startup screen and storage space swirling around social media sites.

In a reddit post by wsb_BernieMadoff, a short video showing a PS5 cold boot with Russian UI is seen. When timed, it takes around 23 seconds to reach the user menu, which seems a bit slow considering that an SSD is being used here. Also interesting to note is the black controller, which could be a devkit variant.

While there is absolutely no indication that the info below is official, take it with a massive grain of salt.

Twitter user @Okami13_ also shares what looks to be the storage space screen for the PS5, clearly showing 664GB of usable space after system and OS files. Since Astro’s Playroom is a pre-loaded title on every PS5, you may choose to delete it to clear up 2.4GB more. Again, no official word here, but since the Xbox Series X has around 800 GB of usable space after system and OS files, subtracting around 200GB or so from the advertised capacity could be accurate.

The home screen and UI can also be seen here, but with a caveat that it could be from a devkit and not from an actual PS5. Again, no indication that this is official.

Some Japanese Youtubers are getting their hands on an actual PlayStation 5 this weekend, so we’ll be tuning in to see the first impressions of a live PS5 out in the wild. Sony has not given any word yet on an official presentation of the UI and has not sent over media preview units yet unlike what Microsoft has done for the Series X in the past week, so we’ll have to wait and see for a bit longer how it all turns out.

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