Start your hero’s journey with these Immortals Fenyx Rising beginner tips

Typhon is wreaking havoc in the Golden Isle and Prometheus has foretold that a mortal will be the one to stop him. Unfortunately, Zeus thinks that’s just a bunch of baloney and what better way to stick it to the supreme ruler of the Olympian gods than to prove him wrong.

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, you play as the mortal in Prometheus’s prophecy, Fenyx. Now this shield bearer may be a relative nobody compared to the likes of Heracles, Odysseus, Atalanta, and Achilles, but every great hero always has to start from somewhere.

Well hero, if you’re reading this then you must have chosen to take this journey with Fenyx to bring down Typhon. In that case here’s some tips for Immortals Fenyx Rising that will help you get started on your adventure.

Now before the actual tips, a good place to start is to link your Ubisoft Connect account. It’s not required, but it does provide access to additional features, challenges, and rewards like cosmetics to make you look like Kassandra or Alexios from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, as well as a stats page to track your progress in the game. It allows cross save if you plan on making the jump to next-generation consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

immortals fenyx rising ubisoft connect
immortals fenyx rising ubisoft connect 2

With that out of the way, here’s what you need to know:

Get a Mount right away

immortals fenyx rising mount
immortals fenyx rising mount 2

Since you’re just starting out, your gliding won’t get you far just yet, and you’ll need to cover a lot of ground to go places. Mounts will help you with that and luckily, there’s a great candidate you can get early. In the first area just after the prologue, head to this location in the southern part of the Valley of Eternal Spring to find the Tyrian mount. You can’t miss it with its visibly purple color. Just walk slowly towards it until a button prompt comes out and you got a sweet new ride that won’t get tired so easily because by default it has 3 levels of stamina, perfect for wandering around. Now if purple isn’t your color, there’s actually another Mount with 3 stamina bars you can find even before you set foot on the Valley of Eternal Spring. In the southeast corner of the Clashing Rocks there’s a small island with a lone silver winged mount called the Laurion.

Uncover as much of the Isle as you can

immortals fenyx rising uncover map
immortals fenyx rising uncover map 2

Save for certain areas, the Golden Isle is completely free for you to explore. It’s also going to be covered in thick clouds at first. Each of the isle’s biomes has a giant statue of the god they represent and you’ll want to make your way to each statue and climb them all the way to the top and scout at specified points. This will remove the clouds covering each of the Isle’s different areas: The Forgelands, Valley of Eternal Spring, Grove of Kleos, and War’s Den. The giant statues in each area also serve as great vantage points, which bring us to the next tip.

Use Far Sight often

immortals fenyx rising far sight
immortals fenyx rising far sight 2

While it’s also possible to come across points of interests as you play, it’s going to be too much of a hassle to explore blindly so make use of the Far Sight feature. Just like Breath of the Wild, scan the areas to reveal various points of interests that will show up as icons on the map. Things like chests, Tartaros vaults, challenges, and resources will be easier to find this way. In other words, use Far Sight every chance you get, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Prioritize navigation upgrades

immortals fenyx rising navigation upgrades
immortals fenyx rising navigation upgrades 2

Once you’ve gathered enough Charon Coins, as tempting as it may to put them into some offensive skills, it’s better to upgrade what’s essential for navigation first. With that said, put some coins into Glide Boost as it will make you move faster in the air. Next would be Swim Dash as it lets you swim further with lesser stamina usage. Climb Leap should follow this so you can scale walls faster. And finally upgrade Telekinesis Gathering as it lets you gather multiple clustered resources with one button. Not to mention you’ll automatically pick things up when riding a mount.

Upgrade Apollo’s Arrows as soon as you can

immortals fenyx rising apollo's arrows
immortals fenyx rising apollo's arrows

Should you have some Charon Coins to spare after the essentials, as far as offensive skills go, better upgrade Apollo’s Arrows first. Aside from being useful in combat, upgrading it will give you better control of an arrow’s trajectory as this is extremely essential when you will encounter puzzles that involve shooting ranged targets. It also makes headshots against enemies easier.

Fight smart

immortals fenyx rising fight smart
immortals fenyx rising fight smart

A hero doesn’t fight with just strength but also smarts. One thing you should know is there’s friendly fire in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Meaning enemies can also damage their allies if you position yourself just right. Use this to your advantage and study enemy attacks to see which ones you can exploit. For example, the Cerberus has an exploding attack which will affect everyone in the blast, friend and foe alike. Enemies too can be hurt by environmental hazards so do try to lure them into some like spikes or beams.

Finish Aphrodite’s first quest asap

immortals fenyx rising aphrodite's quest
immortals fenyx rising aphrodite's quest 2

In restoring each god to their former selves, you’re free to do it any order. We will recommend, however, that you first finish the quest, “From Pain Comes Beauty,” in the Valley of Eternal Spring after meeting with Aphrodite for the first time. This is so you can get her first blessing, Aphrodite’s Embrace, which will automatically restore all your health if you’re defeated once, with a 20 minute cooldown. It’s practically having a one-time auto revive so It’s a very useful blessing to have, especially in a boss fight.

That’s it! Immortals Fenyx Rising is a game that encourages exploration and finding things out on your own, so these tips should help you kickstart your journey into creating your own legend.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is now available for the PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Series, Switch, and PC.

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