Our Top 5 Weapons in Returnal

We’ve shown you how to stay alive and also how to kill those bosses, but now it’s time to look at the top 5 weapons in Returnal that will make your cycles a breeze.

In Returnal, you’ll come across 10 different weapons that will help you out in your journey, each with various traits that add more stopping power to these firearms. Some are better than others, and some will greatly suit a certain playstyle, like if you want to go up close and personal or if you want to stay back and snipe away. Whatever the case may be, these are the best weapons (and traits) that we think will let you break the cycle in Returnal with ease.

Top 5 weapons in Returnal – Thermogenic Launcher

top 5 weapons in returnal - thermogenic launcher

The Thermogenic Launcher, on its own, is actually quite a mediocre weapon. The rockets are almost useless against highly mobile enemies, and it has limited ammo. So, why is it even on the list of the top 5 weapons in Returnal? Because of the Full Auto and Replicating Hits traits, and both of these are important to make it work.

Full Auto allows you to unload all of your rockets in less than 2 seconds if you hold down on the trigger, and if those rockets hit the target, Replicating Hits almost ensures double damage due to another rocket spawning upon impact. Pair these traits with Critical Rockets, which allows rockets to explode twice, and you’ll be melting enemies and bosses in no time. This is, in our opinion, the best weapon in the game.

Top 5 weapons in Returnal – Hollowseeker

top 5 weapons in returnal - hollowseeker

The Hollowseeker may seem to be a very weak weapon at first due to its very low base damage, but don’t let this fool you because once the you the proper traits with it, the Hollowseeker turns into a very deadly boss-killer. The traits you need? Serrated Projectiles and Portal Beam / Portal Turret.

Serrated Projectiles bumps up your damage by adding a damage over time effect, and Portal Beam will summon a damaging beam that locks onto your target, dealing massive damage over a period of time. If by any chance you can pair these traits up with another trait called Waves, you’ll only be adding to your already insane damage output. If you need to clear mobs, Waves or Retarget will serve you well.

Top 5 weapons in Returnal – Tachyomatic Carbine

top 5 weapons in returnal - carbine

The first weapon (aside from your sidearm) that the game introduces to you, the Tachyomatic Carbine shouldn’t be overlooked, as it has the potential to be a beastly weapon with the proper traits involved. If the steady nature and accuracy of the Carbine is perfect for your playstyle, you’ll need Leech Rounds and Rising Pitch to go along with it.

Leech Rounds give your bullets lifesteal capabilities, and Rising Pitch gives you a gatling-gun like effect, spitting out bullets faster the longer you hold on the trigger button. Paired with other traits like Critical Hit, you’re almost always assured of a full integrity bar, perfect for malformed or boss battles that tend to go the distance.

Top 5 weapons in Returnal – Electropylon Driver

top 5 weapons in returnal - electropylon driver

The Electropylon Driver may seem to be a weak and fairly complicated weapon to work with at first, but there’s one trait that totally turns this gun into a complete wrecking machine – Pylon Web.

The Pylon Web trait allows you to unload a number of rods in one shot, instantly creating a web of danger if the enemy chooses to step into it. Although the damage ticks are not instant, what makes this weapon stand out is its ease of use, where you can simply shoot at the ground to make it work. When paired with other traits like Finisher and Streamlined Chamber, you’ll be killing of enemies while reading the rest of this guide with one arm behind your back. This may be tough to use against certain bosses and places with open spaces, but will serve you well during levels.

Top 5 weapons in Returnal – Modified Sidearm

top 5 weapons in returnal - modified sidearm

Your starting weapon is not something that should be overlooked, especially with the proper traits. It is very tempting to immediately throw this away for other weapons. On its own, the modified sidearm is fairly reliable in terms of damage output and ammo, but this weapon becomes a beast when you get the Homing Rockets trait.

These Homing Rockets will accompany your bullets to kill enemies with no worries, and if you pair it with other traits like Serrated Projectiles and Burst Fire, your sidearm could be your favorite weapon moving forward.

These are our Top 5 weapons in Returnal, and while it may differ for other players, these definitely made our journey throughout Atropos easier. Other weapons like the Dreadbound and Rotgland Lobber, while deadly in the hands of a professional, is quite hard to get the hang of compared to the list above.

What are your top 5 weapons in Returnal? Got any to share? Let us know!

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