Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – How to get Your Characters to Level 99 Fast!

If there’s a game this year that I’ve been hooked on playing from the moment the demo dropped until most recently, it’s Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. With 385 + 27 songs available at the moment, it’s a massive collection that’s packed to the brim with the storied 35-year history of Final Fantasy and Square Enix music.

The hype has always been surrounding the songs, but as you play Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, the Final Fantasy characters that you collect, including the unlocked characters as you complete each Final Fantasy title, will total up to 104 characters. Maxing them out at 99, that’s 10,296 levels to grind if you do the math!

theatrhythm final bar line screenshot edea
Yaaaassss Queen

Thankfully, Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is such a fantastic, fun, and addictive game that the grind to 99 isn’t too much to bear unless you start playing with the more obscure characters. Do you even remember Benjamin from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest or Wol from Mobius Final Fantasy? If you do, you’re a bigger Final Fantasy fanatic than we are!

We’re here to tell you that there’s a faster way to grind these characters into tip-top shape to become optimal members of any party. You can also use these grinding tips for your own favorites to get them in tip-top shape. So sit back, read on, and find out how to get your characters to level 99 fast in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line!

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Get Your Characters to Level 99 Fast!

First, you must ensure you’re stocked up on Silver and Gold Growth Eggs. both of which can be acquired by completing missions or being rewarded with them as you stock up on Rhythmia points. You can also steal or find them as monster drops throughout your journey. Gold Growth Eggs are much rarer, so you have to make the most of them.

theatrhythm final bar line gold growth egg
How I loved your golden eggs on me, but I had mine on you…

Silver Growth Eggs double your exp gain, and Gold Growth Eggs quadruples it. Combine both of them, and you get eight times more experience from enemies! Not a bad deal! However, merely combining them together won’t maximize your yield because you’ll only consistently get around 4,500 experience points in most stages.

To give you a slight boost to push your experience yield to 6,500 experience, equip a summonstone that gives you between 30 and 50% extra experience. At a later point in your playthrough, you will probably receive a few of them, so make sure you equip them and watch those experience points fly!

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Personally, the best yield happens when you complete a Battle Music Stage with a high enough score (SS and SSS) preferably with a Perfect Chain (no pressure), defeat the featured monster, and complete the required quest in that stage. Keep it easy, set your difficulty to basic, and make sure it’s a quest you can comfortably complete (Clear without a game over or Defeat a Goblin).

theatrhythm final bar line level 99
I will work with chaos!

The maximum experience you can gain every level is 9999 experience points and that’s enough to boost a level 81 character to level 99, level 59 to level 80, and level 1 to level 40. At 130k Rhythmia level, I’ve collected about 50 gold growth eggs so far, and about 50 of my characters are level 99. It’s definitely a massive grind, but I know you can do it!

And that’s how you can get your characters to level 99 quickly in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line!

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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