Clash of Clans – Tropical Clash held to celebrate TownHall 14 and celebrate friendship in the region

Clash of Clans held a KOL Showmatch for FRIENDSHIP dubbed – ‘Clash of Clans – Tropical Clash’. It combined 12 top CoC influencers from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Clash of Clans – Tropical Clash teams

These were separated into two teams – ‘Battle Builder’ the team comprised of Malaysia and Thailand and ‘Jungle Clasher’ comprised of Indonesia and Philippines for a series of friendly Clan Wars.


The representatives from the countries include MasterRamen, Ombong haha, and HarrisGameboy from Malaysia; Iwan Clasher, Kelvin Afiando, and Benny Moza from Indonesia; Cherizawa, L3bron, and Kayla Heredia from the Philippines; and the Black gamer, ZadistiX, and VRZO from the Thailand.

Clash of Clans – Tropical Clash challenges

Three challenges took place – the Epic Jungle Challenge – Who is the fastest?, Challenge My Base – Can you beat me?, and Friendly Clan War.


The Epic Jungle Challenge – Who is the fastest? challenges players to destroy a base only within 5 minutes. Successful attacks grant the challenger a lot of gold and elixir, which helps all chiefs to strengthen their base further.


The Challenge My Base – Can you beat me?, on the other hand, is a warm-up before the clan wars where both teams used various attack strategies to challenge a base designed for all players. The team with the most stars was winner.


Friendly Clan War practiced the skills of the players to see how far they could go.

When the competition ended, players knew each other and shared their own Clash of Clans strategies that they have experienced for many years.

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