Granblue Fantasy Relink Trophy List

Want to be a Granblue Fantasy Relink champion? Here is an easy-to-follow trophy list to get there!

Granblue Fantasy Relink has 54 trophies in total, broken down into 44 bronze, 7 silver, 2 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. Out of the 54 trophies, several Granblue Fantasy Relink trophies are story-based, so just play as you would and you’ll be getting them in no time!

To get that elusive platinum in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you will need to complete the game in Ultimate Difficulty. This will take two playthroughs to achieve (you have to unlock the Ultimate difficulty after completing the main story once) as well as maxing out your character to level 100. If you want to be the best in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you gotta put in the time!

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*Spoilers Below*

Granblue Fantasy Relink Trophy List

Here are all of the PlayStation Trophies for Granblue Fantasy Relink:

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Platinum SkyPlatinumObtain all trophies
Wings of DestructionGoldComplete the quest “The Final Report”
The UltimateGoldComplete the main story up to Chapter Ø on Ultimate difficulty
IdSilverComplete Final Chapter of the main story
Skybound HeartSilverComplete Chapter Ø of the main story
Nothing is Impossible!SilverComplete all side quests
Squad’s All HereSilverUnlock all characters
Fate Can’t WaitSilverComplete all characters’ fate episodes, including their epilogues
ReminiscenceSilverFill in every Field Notes entry in Lyria’s Journal
True PotentialSilverUnlock the power of an Ascension weapon for the first time
The Forgotten SkyBronzeComplete Prologue of the main story
The Western FrontierBronzeComplete Chapter 1 of the main story
Tempest on the HorizonBronzeComplete Chapter 2 of the main story
Creation of the StarsBronzeComplete Chapter 3 of the main story
Skies Forever BlueBronzeComplete Chapter 4 of the main story
Shadows in the SnowscapeBronzeComplete Chapter 5 of the main story
In Search of HopeBronzeComplete Chapter 6 of the main story
Warning SignsBronzeComplete Chapter 7 of the main story
RelinkBronzeComplete Chapter 8 of the main story
Opposing WillsBronzeComplete Chapter 9 of the main story
Leave it to MeBronzeAchieve an S++ quest evaluation for the first time
It’s All About CommunicationBronzeUse an emote
Primal Beast PunisherBronzeDefeat primal beasts 100 times
I Try to HelpBronzeComplete a side quest for the first time
SharpshooterBronzeDestroy all guided projectiles of an enemy barrage using a single Charged Shot from an ether cannon in Chapter 4 of the main story
Cannon CrusherBronzeDestroy all enemy cannons in Chapter 4 of the main story
Child of Darkness and FlameBronzeDefeat Angra Mainyu without taking any damage while controlling Proto Bahamut in Chapter 8 of the main story
Primeval DragonBronzeDefeat Bahamut Versa Omega without taking any damage while controlling Proto Bahamut in Chapter Ø of the main story
About to Full BurstBronzeTrigger a full burst in battle (excluding certain battles)
Don’t Think It Goes Higher Than ThatBronzeDeal more than 999,999 damage with a chain burst in battle
In Perfect SyncBronzeEnter link time in battle (excluding training)
Chain Burst ChampionBronzeActivate chain bursts 100 times in battles (excluding certain battles)
No Holding BackBronzeUnleash Skybound Arts 10 times in battles (excluding certain battles)
Field MedicBronzeRevive allies 5 times
It’s Called SkillBronzeUse skills 50 times in battles
Buff BuffetBronzeUse buffing skills to grant status effects to allies 20 times in battles
Debuff DelugeBronzeUse debuffing skills to inflict status ailments on foes 20 times in battle
I Will SurviveBronzeUse 50 potions
Give Me Something to BreakBronzePut foes into Break 5 times in battles (excluding certain battles)
A Fateful EncounterBronzeComplete a fate episode prologue for the first time
A Fateful FarewellBronzeComplete a fate episode epilogue
Push it to the LimitBronzeRaise a character to level 100
I Like It When Numbers Go UpBronzeAcquire a total of 100,000 rupies
Crabs Are NeatBronzeFind 20 wee pincers
Closer to the TruthBronzeFind 30 archive entries.
Treasure HunterBronzeOpen 50 treasure chests (excluding town chests)
Unlocked and UnloadedBronzeOpen all locked treasure chests
Practice Makes PerfectBronzeGet some practice in with Sir Barrold
No CapBronzeUncap a weapon at the blacksmith
Knickknack Shack RegularBronzeUse Siero’s Treasure Trade to complete 10 trades
On The Road to MasteryBronzeUnlock a character action node from Masteries for the first time
Making Ends MeetBronzeSell 10 sigils
Welcome to the CrewBronzeUnlock a new character
On The HouseBronzeGet an appraisal from Zathba
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Will you be getting the platinum trophy for Granblue Fantasy Relink?

Granblue Fantasy Relink will launch on February 1, 2024 for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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