Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Best Gadgets to Upgrade First

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out, and the one key aspect of both Spider-Men is their technical and engineering prowess to design and deploy nifty tricks that supplement their spider abilities. Both Peter and Miles use gadgets at their disposal to aid their combos to full effect. Just like abilities, gadgets add to the free-flowing combat and, with proper usage, can give you an edge in your encounters.

Just like the Suit Tech, Gadgets require medals and tech parts earned from doing various activities around New York. It can get tedious, but maxing out some of these toys can pay dividends.

So, which of these nifty gadgets can you get the best deal on? Here’s a guide to the best gadgets to upgrade First in Spider-Man 2!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Best Gadgets to Upgrade First

Web-Shooters: Splash Zone

Truth be told, the only gadget you’ll really need in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is Web Grabber, but for the sake of creating this guide, we’ll check out each one.

Splash damage and crowd control is the name of the game in Spider-Man 2. Without using any Hero Tokens, you can get to the fourth tier of the web shooters, provided you’ve done enough crime-stopping and collected some city tokens and rare parts.

This is especially useful when fighting against multiple enemies that have clumped up together next to walls. Every third shot will web them up, making it easier for the easy incapacitation of random creeps. This speeds up fights and gets you through the next encounter with ease.

Sonic Burst: Mine Deploy

spider-man 2 gadgets sonic burst mine deploy

Out of all the gadgets, Sonic Burst is something that will shine the most during the later stages of the game. Not only does it stun nearby enemies, but it’s also great for quick crowd control and buying time when getting overwhelmed. It’s also my go-to gadget during the endgame as swarms of enemies can be a pain.

Maxing out your Sonic Burst unlocks Mine Deploy. While it asks for a Hero Token investment up front, maxing out this gadget is worth it as it really unlocks its full crowd control prowess. While you focus on fighting enemies close by, approaching enemies are stunned when they trigger these micro mines. Truly a game-changer as you whittle down your foes.

Ricochet Web: Kinetic Translation and Web Punch

spider-man 2 gadgets ricochet web web punch

Ricochet Web is a souped-up version of your web-shooters and with Kinetic Translation, it helps facilitate better crowd control and pushes back enemies further.

When upgraded to Web Punch, this gadget can be used to handle brutes as well. What more can you ask for?

Upshot: Heavy Pop Up

spider-man 2 gadgets upshot heavy pop up

An early gadget that’s useful at every point in the game. It’s a nifty toy that sets you up well for your air combos. Besides champions, brutes are one of the more annoying enemy types in Spider-Man 2. Having a gadget that allows you to lift up brutes for an air combo is a definite win.

Web Grabber: Bombard

As mentioned earlier, you can forget every other gadget in Spider-Man 2 and simply go for Web Grabber because it is that good. Web Grabber basically pulls enemies close together, setting them up for your many AOE attacks. On top of this, the early Bombard upgrade will not only pull enemies but also throwable items, dealing extra damage.

Web Grabber really shines when you upgrade it further. Grabtastic allows you to pull up to 6 enemies, while Heave Ho allows brutes to be pulled in as well. When paired with some of the best skills in the game that deal AOE damage, enemy groups can be dispatched easily without much effort.

No kidding, this is the only gadget you’ll need in Spider-Man 2!

And thus concludes our Ted Talk about Gadgets in Spider-Man 2! Which is your favorite gadget? Let us know in the comments below!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now available exclusively for the PS5.

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