Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Best Skills to Upgrade First

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is finally out, showing us a fantastic game with not one but two Spider-Men web-slinging through New York, stopping crime, and defeating bad guys. It’s fantastic, and if you’ve played the previous titles, you’ll see a lot of improvements in all aspects!

Both Peter and Miles have great skills to choose from, but you could be overcome with decision paralysis about which one to prioritize. While you do gain skill points at every level, it’s better to choose certain skills first to make your crime-fighting escapades that much easier. Take note, you’ll be dealing with three skill trees in Spider-Man 2 (Peter, Miles, and both)!

Here’s a guide to help you allocate those skills to create the best spider team possible in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Best Skills To Upgrade

Peter Parker: Spider Shock: Overload

marvel's spider-man 2 peter parker spider shock overload

Without going into too much spoiler territory, Peter Parker starts with an upgraded spider suit without any aid from any alien symbiote or the like, thanks to the miracle that is superhero science! Unlike Miles, who is blessed with a more evolved spider that allows him to create venom blasts, Peter has to create those blasts on his own!

Blessed with a spider brain, I’d recommend investing some skill points into the spider shock track. This way, not only do you have splash damage for crowd control, but you also deal stun damage, which gives you some time to take out several goons at once. How’s that for big-brain solutions?

It goes without saying that if you can further upgrade it to Overload, you can affect more enemies with an overloaded power surge!

Peter Parker: Symbiote Blast: Might and Symbiote Yank: Empowered

Both Peter and Miles get to use amazingly helpful gadgets in Spider-Man 2, and one of the best gadgets is the Web Grabber, which pulls all enemies in the vicinity closer to you. While you’re at it, you might as well combo that into some abilities that have great area of effect and damage properties, like the Symbiote Blast and the Symbiote Yank!

It’s an almost overpowered combo, and if you’re looking to clear out multiple enemies with minimal resources used, area-of-effect attacks and combos are the way to go. If you don’t knock them out, you’ll at least give yourself some breathing room for a bit, letting you gather your bearings for the next salvo.

Peter Parker: Surge and Surge: Power Spike

spider-man 2 peter parker skills surge power spike

Something happens later in the game that gives Peter a new power! Of course, we won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll want to save a skill point for Surge because it is an ace up Peter’s sleeve that he can use in a pinch. When upgraded to Power Surge, it’ll also help you recharge your abilities faster.

Miles Morales: Venom Jump

What Miles lacks in experience in Spider-Man 2, he makes up for in sheer raw talent and power. That means his Venom Blasts really put him at an advantage early in the game. How do you take that immense power and make it even more imbalanced? Add an area of effect set-up combo!

Venom Jump, at a whopping cost of 2 skill points, allows you to bring all your opponents into the air with a single combo! This way, you have all your enemies where you want them. Will you knock them back down? The view from here allows you limitless options.

Miles Morales: Chain Lightning

spider-man 2 miles morales skills chain lightning power overwhelming

Miles surely isn’t going to let himself get left behind when Peter gets his symbiote suit. His Venom Blasts evolve into full lightning blasts later in Spider-Man 2. A powerful area of effect and crowd control skill, Chain Lightning really whittles down the field and makes for a quick turnaround if you need a quick fix out of a sticky situation.

Miles Morales: Reverse Flux: Boost

spider-man 2 miles morales skills reverse flux boost

Miles has superb area-of-effect capabilities in Spider-Man 2, and what better way to take advantage of that than gathering all enemies together?

You’ve got a Web Grabber, but how nice is it to have a second Web Grabber? That’s exactly what Reverse Flux does, as it grabs surrounding enemies and brings them closer for some AOE goodness. When upgraded, this skill adds three lightning bolts as long as you grab four or more enemies, which isn’t too hard to do.

Miles Morales: Mega Venom Blast: Self-Care

spider-man 2 miles morales skills mega venom blast self care

Similar to Peter, who gets a special ability later on in Spider-Man 2, Miles also gets a Mega Venom Blast that helps him out in a pinch.

Focus is a valuable resource in the game that allows both Peter and Miles to pull off finishers and heal themselves, so any skill that replenishes Focus is certainly valuable. With Mega Venom Blast: Self-Care, you clear out enemies AND refill Focus, what more could you ask for?

Both: Combo Resupply, Fired Up, and Gadget Resupply

Skills and gadgets are the bread and butter of combat in Spider-Man 2. It is easy to completely lose focus (heh) and use up all your skills before the next wave of enemies. Combos are the backbone of your combat, so recharging both your focus and gadgets through combos is almost necessary.

Combo Resupply may provide an additional gadget for every 4-hit combo, Gadget Resupply gives you a gadget after a finisher, while Fired Up increases focus gain rate so you can use more finishers. See the cycle? You can keep your combo rush going for both Spider-Men and not run out of tricks when you need them the most!

Both: Web Whip and Heavy Lifting

spider-man 2 both skills heavy lifting

Brute enemies could be the most irritating enemies because of their high amount of health and their ability to endure attacks while dishing out damage of their own.

Web Whip can take guns away from enemies and can affect brutes as well. Paired with the Heavy Lifting Skill, you can pull and throw webbed brutes around to your liking. Not so brutish anymore after this!

Both: Web Line Double Takedown

spider-man 2 both skills web line double takedown

Spider-Man 2 introduces players to a new ability called Web Line, allowing both Peter and Miles to create a tightrope-like line out of nowhere to allow for more angled approaches for stealthier tactics. Sometimes, enemies will be clumped up in groups of twos, and why use a perch takedown on just one when you can do it on two?

Web Line Double Takedown will allow players to finish off enemies two at a time, making stealth a desired approach most of the time if you don’t want to just crash the party. It’s a very useful skill and one you’ll want to have in your arsenal early on!

And there you have it! The skills you require to get yourself started, and then some! Hopefully, this allows you better progression through Spider-Man 2 with both Peter and Miles. Happy web-slinging!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now available exclusively for the PS5.

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