Stellar Blade Trophy List

Are you looking forward to obtaining the Platinum Trophy for Stellar Blade? Look no further!

How many trophies does Stellar Blade have?

Stellar Blade has 43 trophies in total, broken down into 26 bronze, 12 silver, 3 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. The game itself is challenging but fair, and most of the trophies will require various combat milestones along with obtaining the 3 endings of the game.

You’ll pretty much need to go through everything because getting the Stellar Blade Platinum Trophy will require fully upgrading your health, rechargeable tumbler, and even acquiring all skills.

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*Spoilers Below*

Stellar Blade Trophy List

Here are all of the PlayStation Trophies for Stellar Blade and how to get them:

stellar blade eve screenshot 1
EVE ProtocolPlatinumAcquired all trophies.
Camp PreparationBronzeActivated the first Camp
AbaddonBronzeDefeated Abaddon
CorrupterBronzeDefeated Corrupter
GigasBronzeDefeated Gigas
BruteBronzeDefeated Brute
Altess LevoireBronzeRetrieved the Hyper Cell from Altess Levoire
StalkerBronzeDefeated Stalker
JuggernautBronzeDefeated Juggernaut
TachyBronzeDefeated Tachy
BehemothBronzeDefeated Behemoth
Abyss LevoireBronzeRetrieved the Hyper Cell from Abyss Levoire
BelialBronzeDefeated Belial
KarakuriBronzeDefeated Karakuri
DemogorgonBronzeDefeated Demogorgon
RavenBronzeDefeated Raven
Return to the ColonyGoldAchieved Return to the Colony Ending
Core of Lost MemoriesGoldAchieved Core of Lost Memories Ending
Making New MemoriesGoldAchieved Making New Memories Ending
Can CollectorSilverCollected all cans
Nano Suit CollectorSilverAcquired 30 Nano Suits
Records CollectorSilverCollected 200 Data Bank Entries (Memorysticks, Documents, or Passcodes)
Lonely FishermanSilverCaught 20 different fish
Box HunterSilverOpened 200 boxes
Naytiba ResearcherSilverGet information on all Naytibas
Meticulous ExplorerSilverActivated all camps
Perfect ExospineSilverEnhanced 10 Exospines to their max
Perfect Blood EdgeBronzeEnhanced Blood Edge to its max
Perfect Rechargeable TumblerBronzeEnhanced the Rechargeable Tumbler to its max
Perfect Physical EnhancementBronzeEnhanced HP to its max
Perfect Beta Energy EnhancementBronzeEnhanced Beta Energy to its max
Thorough TechnicianBronzeLearned all skills
Beyond FateSilverCompleted Enya and Su’s story
Sisterly LoveSilverCompleted Kaya’s story
Beep!SilverCompleted D1G-g2r’s story
Battlefield Martial ArtistBronzePerfect Dodged 200 enemy attacks
Agile GladiatorBronzePerfect Parried 300 enemy attacks
Silent ExecutionerBronzeDefeated 50 enemies by execution
Naytiba HunterBronzeDefeated 100 enemies with Beta Skills
Relentless DestroyerBronzeDefeated 50 enemies with Burst Skills
Revenging AgentBronzeDefeated 50 enemies in Tachy Mode
Cold-blooded SniperBronzeDefeated 150 enemies with ranged attacks
Cruel LiberatorSilverDefeated 1,500 enemies
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Stellar Blade New Game+ Trophy List

Additionally, 2 new trophies can be obtained by playing through New Game+, which carries over all of your skills, items, upgrades, and SP.

Repeating ProtocolsBronzeCompleted New Game+
Infinite BladeBronzeLearned all skills in New Game+

Will you be getting the Platinum Trophy for Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade is now available exclusively for PS5.

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