Stellar Blade – Best Skills to Upgrade First

Stellar Blade is finally here, and we get to go on an epic adventure with Eve as she goes on a quest to thwart the Naytibas. By beating foes throughout the game, Eve will gather SP that she can use to learn and acquire skills that will expand her combat capabilities

Stellar Blade boasts a wide variety of offensive and defensive skills spread out over 5 skill trees, with some being more valuable than others. SP is an important resource early on, so it’s crucial to know which skills to upgrade first to make the rest of the game a breeze.

Here are the best skills to upgrade first in Stellar Blade.

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Stellar Blade – Best Skills to Upgrade First

Reflex Boost and Double Dodge

Despite her nimble frame, Eve can feel a bit too “heavy” at times, especially when her default dodge is not good enough for the most part. Getting a second dodge will greatly help with combat sequences and can be a panic button should you feel the need to put some distance between you and the enemy.

To get Double Dodge, you’ll need to first get Reflex Boost, which is also an essential skill. Reflex Boost makes it easier for players to use Perfect Dodge, an essential skill to learn to survive higher-level battles.


stellar blade ambush skill

Some enemies in Stellar Blade can give you trouble while exploring the world, and sometimes, you would rather just avoid them. Ambush gives Eve the ability to kill any enemy, except bosses, in one shot, as long as they have not detected you yet. If you don’t fancy the stealthy approach, then choose another skill, but Ambush in combination with gears that give you HP for every enemy killed will pretty much ensure that you are at full health at all times.

Additionally, you can also get the next skill called “Chain Charge,” which allows Eve to follow up an Ambush attack with another attack on a nearby enemy that knocks them down, giving you a headstart. The other connected skill, “Beta Energy Theft,” is also good because it gives you Beta Energy every time you pull off an Ambush, which is a resource you need to pull off your offensive skills.

Beta Energy Recharge

Stellar Blade beta energy recharge

Pretty self explanatory, “Beta Energy Recharge” will give you Beta Energy anytime an attack lands, and since offensive skills cost Beta Energy, you’ll always want a steady supply.

Focus Boost

stellar blade focus boost

Perfect Parry is arguably one of the most important skills to learn in Stellar Blade. The game prioritizes reactive parrying over evasive maneuvers, so anything to make the window of a successful parry more generous is very much welcome.

Blink, Repulse, and Threat Detection

Some enemies in Stellar Blade have the ability to perform Fatal Attacks that cannot be blocked or parried. In this case, depending on the Fatal Attack, Eve will need to counter with either Blink (blue fatal attack) or Repulse (pink fatal attack), ensuring you can counter without taking damage.

As such, the “Threat Detection” skill will prove to be crucial because anything that makes a skill easier to pull off is a winner in my book.

When choosing which Beta and Burst attacks to go for, here are the ones we would fully recommend:

  • Beta Skills
    • Triplet (and all of its upgrades) – The easiest skill to use, and when upgraded fully, the first hit will stun enemies.
    • Shield Breaker (and all of its upgrades) – Removing enemy shields will greatly increase your survival rate as you deal more damage to them.
    • Shock Wave (and all of its upgrades) – This is a long-distance attack that can stun and knock enemies down when fully upgraded.
  • Burst Skills
    • Tempest (and all of its upgrades) – You’ll want this because you’ll be invincible while casting, and it also deals massive damage to the health and shields of the enemy.
    • Descending Break (and all of its upgrades) – The final upgrade for this will knock enemies down, giving you a much-needed breather as you gather yourself together.
  • Tachy
    • Judgment Time – Increases the duration of Tachy Mode, pretty self-explanatory!
stellar blade parry

Stellar Blade is now available for PS5.

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