Stellar Blade – New Game+ Explained

Stellar Blade is a great game, and while some aspects of it, like its story and characters, are mostly weak, the combat is fast-paced and thrilling, with a ton of unlocks to discover. Some trophies will require players to repeat the game due to the number of things they need to do, so playing the game again is not such a bad idea.

Repeating a playthrough with Stellar Blade is rewarding, but is there a New Game+?

Here’s everything you need to know about New Game+ in Stellar Blade.

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Does Stellar Blade have New Game+?

A day one patch has added a New Game+ option for Stellar Blade, allowing players to repeat the game with certain benefits.

How do you unlock New Game+?

To unlock New Game+, you will simply need to beat the game, and the option to start a New Game+ will be presented in the main menu screen, taking the completed data from your previous playthrough and carry it over to the new game.

What carries over in New Game+?

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Starting a New Game+ will allow players to choose a difficulty for their next playthrough, all while carrying over these items:

  • Equipment
  • Currency
  • Items
  • Records
  • Character Enhancements
  • Drone Upgrades
  • Acquired Skills
  • Owned SP

While all of this will carry over, your game progress won’t, so you’ll have to go through all of the levels and battle all of the bosses once again.

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Are there any new collectibles in New Game+?

Here are all of the new things that you can get during a New Game+ playthrough in Stellar Blade:

  • 34 new outfits and 5 accessories for Eve
  • 2 additional costumes for Adam, Lily, and the Drone
  • Level expansions for Weapon, Body Core, Beta Core and Tumbler
    • Weapon – 15 -> 40
    • Body – 6 -> 9
    • Beta – 6 -> 9
    • Tumbler – 5 -> 13
    • Remaining cores could be sold at SP0-tt2r’s shop to acquire Vitcoin, which could be used to purchase new costume items.
  • New Skills
    • 4 new Beta skill moves
    • 8 new skills to enhance Beta/Burst skills
    • 5 new Drone skills
  • Exospine and Gear enhancements
stellar blade new game+ new outfits

Stellar Blade is now available on the PS5.

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