Final Fantasy XVI – Gotterdammerung Crafting Guide

Final Fantasy XVI is quite the adventure, and this epic tale leads you on a journey to fight legendary beasts and acquire powerful treasures. One of these treasures is called the Gotterdammerung, and like its Final Fantasy VII Remake counterpart, it is one of, if not the most powerful weapons in the game. Acquiring it would seem like poetic justice.

This time around, Final Fantasy XVI‘s Gotterdammerung doesn’t require godlike feats to acquire. You just need the dedication and patience to go through quite a bit of questing to actually attain. After all, what’s a Final Fantasy without some epic quest line that leads to supremely powerful loot?

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This sword is so photogenic

Final Fantasy XVI Gotterdammerung Crafting Guide Preparations

As mentioned earlier, it is not difficult to acquire the Gotterdammerung if you’ve been slowly progressing throughout your playthrough, doing the side quests, and upgrading your equipment to optimal levels. You can always choose to equip the accessibility rings that will help you with combat, but personally, the Action mode of Final Fantasy XVI isn’t too hard once you get the hang of precision dodging and knowing the timing for using skills.

By the endgame of Final Fantasy XVI, store-bought items would be your best bet to being on par with the best equipment once upgraded to +2. The Gotterdammerung adds an additional 35 damage and stagger rating, so while it doesn’t seem like much, the incremental damage really packs a punch.

If you’re able to acquire the Adamantite Gauntlets and Genji Gloves earned from your renown, those would help boost both your offensive and defensive capabilities so much more! Add a Talisman of Priming and some Lionheart Potions, and you can cycle through Limit Breaks FFVIII style with ease.

Final Fantasy XVI Loadout

As for your Eikon loadout, I chose a build that quickly staggers so we can deal massive damage as fast as possible. That being the case, Garuda and Bahamut will be crucial. While Shiva may make a good alternative, I prefer the stagger and damage combo of Garuda and Bahamut.

Satellite helps me charge Megaflare, and Will-o’-the-Wykes stack on the defensive prowess while slowly chipping away at the enemy’s stagger bar. Be sure to master both those skills for their versatile offensive/defensive strategies.

Damage-wise, Rising Flames has always been a reliable, quick damage-dealing skill that manifests twice during a stagger bar when mastered. Supplement that with a max limit break and some Lionheart potions, and you can easily deal 50k-70k damage on a single stagger round. Just for good measure, I splashed Odin for Zantetsuken for that final sliver of damage to force a victory.

Acquiring Ragnarok

In order to get Gotterdammerung on your radar, you have to acquire Ragnarok. As of writing, it is the third most powerful sword in Final Fantasy XVI‘s Story and Action modes, only behind Defender+2 and Gotterdammerung. To acquire Ragnarok, you will need to go through the “Blacksmith Blues” quest line, and there are four of them.

Final Fantasy XVI Gotterdamerung

The questline starts during the “Here Be Monsters” main quest, which will also have you go through your blacksmith, Blackthrone’s backstory. The challenge isn’t too hard, and you will be facing a chimera in one of the challenges, but if your loadout is good, it’s pretty much straightforward. Blackthrone and his rival will craft Ragnarok made of the key items found throughout this quest line.

The Ragnarok is actually a decent sword that outstrips Excalibur and Masamune of its weapon dominance in Final Fantasy XVI. Until the Defender comes along, it will be your strongest sword with a base stat of 325 for damage and stagger. It is also the base you will need for Gotterdammerung.

Gathering the Other Materials

There are a few more materials you will need to complete the Gotterdammerung – Two Darksteel and a Primitive Battlehorn. All three items can only be acquired by participating in Notorious Marks monster hunts. The easier item to acquire will be a Primitive Battlehorn, which means going after Gobermouch, an A-rank goblin.

Once you have gained access to the abandoned town of Eistla in The Waloed Kingdom, you’ll be able to receive this mark at the Hideaway. To find him, it’s at the top of all the stairs in the middle of town southwest of the Maudlin Forge marked on your map.

The spacing is quite tight, so don’t find yourself getting caught with Goblin Punches. Personally, I just used Megaflare dodge to boost my Megaflare and knock him back to kingdom come. The fight is straightforward and there’s no stagger meter, so you can just unload all your strong attacks. At least Aerial Blast can take him off the board as you pick him off with Satellite.

Both Darksteels can be found by fighting Thanatos and The Prince of Darkness. Both are A rank marks of substantial difficulty if you let them. The good news is that they have a stagger meter, so the same strategy would work: stagger, damage, limit, lionheart, stagger, damage, limit, and force the victory with Zantetsuken.

To find Thanatos, you have to complete the Brotherhood main quest and look for him at Titan’s Wake. As for the Prince of Darkness, you will need to complete the “Under New Management I & II” quests and have completed the Jill side story before the final battle in Origin. You can find The Prince of Darkness at Cape Orsiere where near the Bahamut Chronolith.

The Orichalcum Conundrum

Finally, you will need three Orichalcums to complete the legendary Final Fantasy XVI sword, which you can do the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is to take on the toughest Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy XVI, namely Gorgimera, Atlas, Behemoth King, and Svarog. The good news is, you don’t have to fight all four of them to craft Gotterdammerung, but just one. I suggest Gorgimera as he’s the biggest pushover, and you’ll find him southwest of the Velkroy Desert.

Two side missions will reward the elusive mineral once completed and the good news is, if you were diligent in collecting the Darksteel, you would’ve completed the “Under New Management II” quest already. To start this quest, it will be introduced during the “Across the Narrow” main quest. Complete the questlines to receive the mineral.

Then, you will only need to complete the “Duty Undying” questline. Like “Under New Management”, it will be introduced during the “Across the Narrow” main quest. By completing the first Duty Undying, you can complete Duty Undying II, which will finally give you the orichalcum.

And that is it! Enjoy the Gotterdammerung and lay waste to all who stand in your way. Along with the three other Notorious Marks, you can also craft the Ouroboros belt and gauntlet set. With all these legendary items at your disposal, you are then prepared for the “Final Fantasy” mode option in the New Game Plus, which provides the toughest challenges for the most dedicated players of Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI - Gotterdammerung
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Final Fantasy XVI is now available exclusively on the PS5.

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