How to redeem the free PlayStation 5 games from PS Plus without a PS5

The PS Plus free games lineup for the past few months have actually been really good! In 2021 alone, both January and February featured fantastic titles, with Destruction AllStars and Control Ultimate Edition headlining the offerings for next month. Sadly, some of these games are only playable on the PlayStation 5, which has been playing hard to get for majority of the gaming public.

For Region 1 / US accounts, Control Ultimate Edition is playable on both PS4 and PS5 but for Region 3 / Asian accounts, the same game is a PlayStation 5 “exclusive” and can only be played on a PS5. In this case, how do you claim the game if you’re one of the many people who don’t have the next-gen console yet? There’s actually a very easy way to do it so that you don’t miss out on the free games every month, and you don’t even need a PS5 at all.

The solution? Simply download the PS App from either the Google Play or iOS App store, log into your account, and redeem the game from there. You’ll need to go to the PS Store section, click on “Subscriptions” and voila, redeem the PS Plus games for the month.

ps plus mobile app

If you’re not too fond of doing it via the mobile app, you can go to the PlayStation Webstore of your account region, log in, and go to the same “Subscriptions” section. You’ll see the list of free games there, which, in the case of the image below, are the free games for January, with Maneater being the PS5 exclusive playable game.

ps plus webstore

These PS5 playable games are, as the name indicates, only playable on the PS5 but if you redeem them through the app or web store before the offer expires, you’ll be able to keep the game until you do get a PS5, whenever that may be. These free monthly games are only available to PS Plus subscribers, which is a big incentive for subscribing to the service. This is not to be confused with the PS Plus Collection, which can only be redeemed on a PS5 console.

Most may know of this workaround already but for those that don’t, at least you won’t be missing out on any of those free games any longer!

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