Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Costa del Sol Queen’s Blood Solutions

This is part three of our multi-part guide on how to claim all the swimsuits for Costa del Sol for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! In the previous Final Fantasy VII Rebirth guide, we highlighted how to claim Tifa’s swimsuit by returning the loose wheelies. The guide today will now focus on the main man, Cloud Strife!

Cloud has two ways to claim his suits. One would be to play the pirate rampage minigame with Barret and achieve the minimum score to win the voucher. The second would be to complete the Queen’s Blood puzzle minigame, which this Final Fantasy VII Rebirth guide will help you with.

While you need to only complete the easy mode to claim your voucher, you can keep going and complete the advanced mode to claim more Queen’s Blood cards! Queen’s Blood is easily my favorite minigame in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, so this was a pretty fun activity.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth — Costa del Sol Queen’s Blood Solutions

The objective of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth‘s Queen’s Blood is to have more points than your opponent when both players have no more moves left. When you win lanes, you get all the points from that lane if you win it, so even if you win by 1, you get all the points and the opponent gets none. If it’s a draw, nobody gets points. The key to solving this puzzle is to take advantage of that fundamental rule.

First Puzzle – Easy

The first puzzle is straightforward. As only Fleetwing can be summoned as a one-token drop, make the most of that position and move them to the lowest lane. Zu would be the best one to position on the top lane, allowing you to use Quetzalcoatl in the middle lane. As the top two lanes win by 1, you will eventually get 5 vs 4, winning the match.

Second Puzzle – Easy

The second puzzle is a bit tricky, as it is easy to overthink your hand. Make sure you take advantage of the magic pot’s power-up adjustment. Use the fat Chocobo on the bottom lane to give them a +2 boost, pushing them to seven. The Chocobo chick card goes at the end, not Chocobo and Moogle, as they have a card ability that gains +1 for every enhanced allied card. While your endgame total is 2 less than the opponent’s, the Chocobo chick’s ability allows you to gain +3 when you win that lane, pushing your total to 17 and winning the match.

Third Puzzle – Easy

The third puzzle is more straightforward than the last two games. Use the Moogle Trio on the first column of the middle lane, giving you a Moogle Mage and Moogle Bard to play with. Use the Moogle Mage’s Ability to knock out an opponent’s card from the top lane dropping their total from 9 to 6. Put the Fleetwing on the middle lane and use the Moogle Bard to boost their power. Finally put the Grasslands Wolf on the bottom lane to win the middle and bottom lanes for the match.

The Advanced Mode is optional, as you will not receive an extra swimwear voucher for any of your characters, but you can win powerful cards for your collection. They’re a little more tricky than the easy mode, but the rewards are worth it if you are a serious Queen’s Blood player in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

First Puzzle – Advanced

The key to this game is to maximize zone and boost effects with the Spearhawk and Cactuar’s abilities. Place the first Spearhawk on the rightmost top row. Next, use the Cactuar to open up the middle lane, allowing you to place the second Spearhawk on the rightmost middle row. Finally, with the bottom lane open to a two-token card and boosted for a +5, the Quetzalcoatl card will rightfully perch in that coop. This gives you an easy 11 vs 6 score, winning the match.

Second Puzzle – Advanced

You’ll need the Mandragora’s latent ability to generate minions of itself for the power of the Sea Devils that gets boosted for every card that gets played from your hand. While the board will take away your cards, the tokens they generate will remain. So don’t be afraid to place that Security Officer in the middle bottom lane to allow you to place the Sea Devils on the three token sides. Once both Sea Devils are placed, place a Mandragora in the leftmost middle lane. Dump all your Mandragoras in the death pits to earn your points and win this match.

Third Puzzle – Advanced

Finally, this last game depends on how many points you can generate by sacrificing your cards to the Tonberry King. Use your Zu cards to set up the Tonberry King, which you will drop dead center on your third move. Drop the Mindflayer in the leftmost middle lane. Finally, place your Deathwheels on the top and bottom leftmost lanes. It’ll generate a chain reaction of events that will clear your allies from your board, powering up your Tonberry to 15. You’ll have a total of 16 vs 14 in the end, so the end justifies the means.

And there you have it! All your Final Fantasy VII Rebirth heroes are now suited up, and now you get to have fun in the sun!

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available on the PS5.

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