Tekken 8 Trophy List

Wondering how many trophies Tekken 8 has and how easy it is to get them?

Tekken 8 has 47 trophies in total, broken down into 34 bronze, 9 silver, 3 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. There are a lot of trophies to be achieved just by playing through Tekken 8’s The Dark Awakens story mode, so by finding out about Jin and Kazuya’s fate, you’ll also be getting a ton of trophies as well.

Tekken 8 also has no difficulty-based trophies, so breezing through the story on the easiest difficulty level is advisable to get the trophies as quickly and easily as possible. There are a couple of online trophies, so put on your fighting gloves and get ready to duke it out with other players from around the world if you want to get the platinum trophy.

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*Spoilers Below*

Tekken 8 Trophy List

Here are all of the PlayStation Trophies for Tekken 8:

tekken 8 marshall law
A fight is about survivalPlatinumAcquired all trophies
What a rush!BronzePerformed 5 Heat Bursts (Excluding offline player battles)
I’ll give you a rematch anytime, guvBronzeWon a player match
Excellent!BronzePlay a total of 10 online battles of any kind
Come, humanity! Unleash the dogs of war!BronzeFinished Chapter 1 of The Dark Awakens
HopeGoldFinished Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Jin Kazama victorious
DespairGoldFinished Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Kazuya Mishima victorious
This should be funBronzeFinished 5 Character Episode stories
Power isn’t everythingSilverFinished 10 Character Episode stories
Congrats on the victory!BronzeWon the Arcade Quest Gong Tournament
The fists reveal the fighterBronzeFought against your own Ghost
A new star rising in the world of Tekken!SilverWon the Arcade Quest Kobushi Dojo Tournament
Get ready for the next battle!GoldFinished Arcade Quest
(Initiating Analysis)BronzeDefeated 10 CPU Ghosts in Super Ghost Battle
GodfatherSilverDefeated Harada_Tekken in Super Ghost Battle
All is vanityBronzeDefeated a player’s Ghost
I’ll put an end to thisBronzeFinished Arcade Battle
Do you want to learn Marshall Arts?BronzeCompleted 5 Combo Challenges
(This one’s in the bag!)BronzePracticed with the tips on in Replays & Tips
That was too easy!BronzeAchieved a perfect victory (Excluding offline player battles)
Outstanding!BronzeAchieved a great victory (Excluding offline player battles)
Behold, the fruits of my laborsSilverDealt 70+ damage in an air combo (Excluding offline player battles)
(That’s how a true champion fights!)BronzeDealt 20 Rage Arts (Excluding offline player battles)
Your fate is already decidedBronzeActivated Heat 5 times with a Heat Engager (Excluding offline player battles)
Fear my wrathSilverDealt 20 Heat Smashes (Excluding offline player battles)
You think you can stop me?BronzePerformed 10 Heat Dashes (Excluding offline player battles)
Under the divine protection of SiriusBronzeHealed an overall total of 500 damage in recoverable health (Excluding offline player battles)
I aspire to greater heightsBronzeGot promoted to Brawler
I’m actually pretty strongBronzeGot promoted to Warrior
There’s no way you can stop meSilverGot promoted to Vanquisher
BronzePerformed a Hard Floor Break (Excluding offline player battles)
Resuming missionBronzePerformed a Wall Blast (Excluding offline player battles)
Sorry for getting rough back thereBronzePerformed a Wall Bound (Excluding offline player battles)
Just Relax. You can do itBronzeWon a Ranked Match
(You never learn.)BronzePerformed a Floor Blast (Excluding offline player battles)
How do you take your coffee?BronzeReached the lowest area of the Ortiz Farm stage (Excluding offline player battles)
My moves are way faster than yoursBronzePerformed 20 Devilish hits in Tekken Ball (Excluding offline player battles)
Your money is my moneySilverObtained an overall total of 10,000,000 G
You’re in for it now!BronzeSaved a custom character in Character Customization
Please don’t tell my fatherBronzeWon a Group Match
Let the blistering sands consume youBronzeTriggered 10 Tornados (Excluding offline player battles)
Come on, just try and kill meBronzePerformed a Hard Wall Break (Excluding offline player battles)
No pain, no gain!BronzeDealt 2000 damage in Practice mode
Now it’s time to destroy youBronzeDealt an overall total of 1000 damage while in rage mode
You aren’t alone anymoreBronzeFinished Chapter 7 of The Dark Awakens
I’ll live on, together with my sinsSilverFinished Chapter 12 of The Dark Awakens
I would do well to follow your exampleSilverAchieved a 30-hit chain during Operation Rebellion in The Dark Awakens
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Will you be getting the platinum trophy for Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 is scheduled to release on January 26, 2024, for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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