Tekken 8 – How to get the Despair Trophy (Bad Ending) in ‘The Dark Awakens’ Story Mode

Tekken 8 features a new story mode entitled “The Dark Awakens,” as it tells the story of Jin and Kazuya as they face off in an epic matchup that will determine the fate of the world.

The developers have upped the stakes in the game, providing players with some top-notch action and storytelling that will provide some exciting revelations. In fact, Tekken 8’s story mode has two different endings!

Want to know how to get the Despair Trophy and the bad ending of Tekken 8? Read on to find out!

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*Spoilers Ahead*

Tekken 8 – How to get the ‘Despair’ Trophy (Bad Ending) in Story Mode

Here’s how to get the Despair Trophy (Bad Ending) in Tekken 8 The Dark Awakens Story Mode:

First, play through Tekken 8’s story mode as you would normally. You can choose your difficulty settings and put it on the lowest setting for an easier time. You’ll want to advance to Chapter 15, entitled Strength and Conviction, which is the final chapter in story mode.

tekken 8 the dark awakens chapter 15

In chapter 15 of Tekken 8’s The Dark Awakens Story Mode, you’ll face off against Kazuya in a series of rounds that will test your endurance and everything you’ve learned up to this point. Kazuya will have multiple phases, and you’ll have to overcome each phase to finally finish him off.

Throughout Chapter 15, you’ll encounter some sequences that will require you to press some buttons a la QTE to advance. The first QTE will require players to press and hold Triangle to revive Jin, and the next set of QTEs will require players to press X on three separate occasions.

After the first phase, Kazuya will land a series of blows that will knock out Jin. When prompted with the first QTE to revive Jin by holding Triangle, go on and hold the button to successfully revive Jin. Failing to do so will result in a Game Over screen. We’ll need Jin to proceed through the next couple of phases to get the bad ending.

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Kazuya gets more aggressive as the match ensues, so players will want to proceed carefully and place well-timed strikes and combos to get the better of Kazuya, so play on and conquer the next couple of phases.

The battle reaches a climax where Jin and Kazuya face off against the backdrop of a headbanging track that’s impossible not to get hyped with. In this phase, Jin will be faced with three QTEs where players will have to simply press X during the allocated time limit to successfully pass the QTE.

These QTEs will not determine the outcome of the match but will provide Jin with an advantage or disadvantage heading into this final phase, depending on the results. Even if you successfully execute all QTEs but fail to win the match against Kazuya, you’ll still get the bad ending. In this case, we want the bad ending, so simply go on to lose the match without paying mind to the QTEs, giving Kazuya all the opportunities to beat you down.

You’ll know you did it right if, instead of a Game Over screen prompting you to retry the level, a cutscene proceeds to play where Jin and Kazuya exchange knockout blows.

tekken 8 the dark awakens jin kazuya punch

The result should see Kazuya remaining as the last man standing, with Jin falling to his knees. This now rewards players with the Bad Ending, where Kazuya proceeds to rule the world as he wishes, throwing Jin off a cliff.

Additionally, a bad ending credits scene will also play, showing Kazuya and G Corp winning the fight, along with others like Nina, Dragunov, and the rest enjoying the success they earned as they sided with Kazuya.

Players will be awarded the Despair Gold Trophy, which is described as “Finished Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Kazuya Mishima victorious.”

Alternatively, there’s also a good ending, where Jin triumphs over Kazuya in this decisive battle. Want to know how to get the Hope Gold Trophy and the Good Ending? Check out our Tekken 8 – How to get the Hope Trophy (Good Ending) in ‘The Dark Awakens’ Story Mode!

Tekken 8 is now available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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