RuneScape – Best Ways to Spend your GP

It is notoriously difficult to build up large Gold storage in RuneScape, whether you grind for hours as a free-to-play player or whether you buy Gold from sites like ChicksGold. Therefore, just like in real life, it is imperative to use your Gold in the right way so that you do not end up regretting it and becoming demotivated to play. 

RuneScape has many different items and activities that you could spend your Gold on, and without proper consideration, you might end up spending your money on the wrong things and pay for them soon enough. So, today we will lay out everything you need to know about the best ways to spend your GP in RuneScape.


Best Ways to Spend your GP in RuneScape – Invest!

Invest in your account. This point might seem painfully obvious to the point where might be unnecessary or cliche, but doing this, instead of just buying a bunch of cool items right away, will help you a lot in the long run. Even before investing in some high-end gear – and this may also be a difficult task in itself because there are so many types of gear – invest in things like overloads, archeology relics, and perk the gear you already have.

If you are struggling in PVM, this is probably the reason why. If you have not taken the time and money to max out all your skills, perk up your gear, and collect a ton of resources, everyone else who has done this will outplay you. So, if next time you have a few million in the bank, perhaps invest in these things rather than buying the newest, coolest, and most expensive weapons. 

OG RuneScape players will remember that in 2012, the three most important things to get when you want to win in every single PVM were overloads, a pack yak, and curses. The gameplay and strategy may have changed a bit, but the core sentiment and idea are still very beneficial; make sure you get all of this before you focus on your gear and go into difficult boss fights. 

Best Ways to Spend your GP in RuneScape – The Supplies

If you are someone who has gotten their skills, perks, and relics up, then the second thing that is imperative is supplies, which is especially useful if you PVM a lot. Supplies are never a waste of money, and you should always keep them in mind when you are looking to buy things.

If you have a bit of surplus money, it would be helpful to get things like adrenaline potions, incest sticks, scrolls, and summoning, then you will not have to worry about them for a long time, and they will be super helpful when you PVM. If you have all these things, you will also be able and motivated to PVM way more. 

Best Ways to Spend your GP in RuneScape – The Untradeables

Something that is often underlooked by players is spending some money on overpowered abilities and untradeables. This is massive for PVM, as some of the things you could invest in are game-changers when it comes to fighting. For example, investing a million into greater ricochet will allow you to do way more damage and allow you to be more confident going into fights. 

Dropping a ton of money on something that seems abstract and that you could never resell is scary, but it is well worth it. You are sure to find that investing in these untradeables will do more for your account than buying another new weapon. 

Best Ways to Spend your GP in RuneScape – Don’t be Afraid

Things like the essence of finality and some of the supplies we mentioned today can be very expensive. Therefore, most players will create a barrier for themselves and be unwilling to drop such a large amount on one thing. However, for the large majority of activities, the benefits far outway the costs. 

For example, getting higher tier gear like EOF will cost an insane amount of money, about 800k and higher, to be precise – but they will help you so much when you PVM. You will be able to do harder bosses like hard mode Taraket with ease, earning you much more money and fun over time. In essence, work smart with your GP, but don’t overthink it. Most of these expensive items help more than they put a hole in your wallet. 

Best Ways to Spend your GP in RuneScape – Money Multiplier

Saving up for something expensive can be really difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, your money just loses value if it sits in your bank for extended amounts of time due to things like inflation and in-game rates. 

The first thing you could do is known as item flipping. This involves going to the Grand Exchange and buying items at a lower price, then selling them at a higher price. This is an oversimplified explanation, and there are many people online who go in-depth on how item flipping works. So, it would be well worth your time to check them out. 

The nice thing about item flipping is that the more money you have, the easier it is to make more money. Because you can afford to buy very expensive items and resell them at insane prices to make yourself a few million here and there, it’s very important to emphasize regarding this point that research is extremely helpful – there are better and worse methods and items to use when flipping, and they may just be a game changer for you. 

We hope that this RuneScape guide has been helpful to you! Keep in mind that these are the best methods we have found and are able to share with you, although there is still so much information and strategies out there. The beauty of Runescape is that it is so old and classic, yet there is always more to discover, so we encourage you to do some more research on this topic and other ideas we have talked about that you find interesting.

Lastly, remember to jump into the game and see if you can find any things that work for you that no one has thought about before. Good luck!

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