Immortals Fenyx Rising – Advanced tips to help you become Godlike

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a surprising good time, and if you’re only getting into the game just now, well you’re in for a treat! It’s a great game to go through during the Holidays, and we’re hoping our beginners tips and Big Lyre guide can help you out on your journey.

But enough of that, we’re here battling it out with gods and mythical creatures, so you’ll need some Godlike tips to make you stand toe to toe with Typhon. If you’re looking for advanced tips that will help you breeze through the game, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s jump right in.

Focus on one weapon to upgrade and max it out asap

immortals fenyx rising guide

Fenyx will be wielding both the Sword and the Axe but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going with the axe, as these tips will revolve around sustaining yourself throughout battles and using as little health potions as possible. Spreading your resources upgrading both the sword and the axe, which uses the same materials, is a waste, so just focus on one and make it the axe.

While the sword is faster and is used to mostly regain back your stamina, the axe is my go-to weapon for dishing out the pain. As the heading says, focus on upgrading your axe to max level as much as possible as this will give 2 benefits – first is you get to unlock both weapon perks by the time you reach level 4 upgrade, and second is the raw damage you’ll be getting out of it, which will make even the bosses in the game cry.

Almost all of the enemies in the game will have a stun meter, and the axe is perfect for that. You’ll want to build up the stun meter to stagger the enemy for a few seconds, giving you time to put in some additional hits.

Which leads us to the next tip…

Focus on these Axe specific skill upgrades

In order of importance, I would recommend Charged Hepaistos Hammer > Power Spin Finisher, Axe Dodge Attack > Axe Smash > Axe Sprint Attack. Let me explain…

Charged Hephaistos’s Hammer will be your main damage dealer throughout fights. It deals nasty damage that can reach upwards of 7K when paired with an attack potion. That’s a huge chunk of life out of any enemy, even bosses.

To be honest all of the other skills can be taken in any order but in my experience, you’ll be using the Power Spin Finisher and Axe Dodge attack more over the other two, so prioritize these ones first.

“Why didn’t you get the Axe skill for perfect parries?” Dodging is easier to do and doesn’t break the momentum of your attacks. Perfect parries are flashier, but we’re going for a more simple and effective battle plan.

Once you have all these skills, the way I usually approach the battle is to run in with the Axe Sprint Attack, Power Spin Finisher, Axe Dodge Attack as needed. After just a few hits, you’ll stagger your enemy, which now gives you an opening to use the Charged Hephaistos Hammer. Rinse and repeat.

This will work with almost every enemy, even the last boss.

Which now leads me to my next tip…

Use the Stoneglare equipment set

There are a lot of armor sets in the game, but the best armor set that suits this build that we are aiming for is the Stoneglare armor set. It doesn’t look nice, but its perks are perfect for what we need. Best thing about it is that you don’t even need to upgrade your the armor to get the best perks, as it is already unlocked once you get it! Later on in the game, you can choose to upgrade to something more specialized like the Helmet of Bright Divinity, which gives bonus damage and stun to Godly Powers, and the Plate of Ethereal Automaton, which has bonus defense and “thorns” damage.

Both the Mask and the Armor are obtainable early on, as they can be found in the first area of the game, Crashing Rocks, so make sure to get these before anything else.

So why this? If you take a look at the first perks of both pieces, the mask gives you +48% damage for 6 seconds after you stun an enemy and refills 160% of a health chunk when you stun an enemy. Combine it with the stunning power of the axe and you basically have infinite health as long as you can stun enemies and when you use your Charged Hephaistos Hammer, you’ll benefit from the bonus damage. This will save you those important health potions for the long haul.

You’ll be using up a lot of stamina though, because you’ll be reliant on the Charged Hephaistos Hammer, so the next tip is…

You only really need about 8 chunks of stamina for the whole game

8 chunks of stamina is enough to get you through the whole game comfortably. You can do it with less, but you’ll be burning through a lot of stamina potions so 8 is a good number to aim for.

With 8 chunks, you can perform 2 Charged Hephaistos’ Hammer attacks before you run out and if you don’t want to use up a stamina potion? Use your sword to gain back the stamina needed for the next time you stun the enemy. By the time you get to stun the enemy again, you’ll have enough stamina to pull off another set of charged attacks.

Anything above 8 chunks is a bonus, but 8 should serve you well.

Speaking of potions…

Max your potion pouch and choose potion upgrades wisely

Maxing your potion pouch should be a big priority for you as early as you can. You don’t need to go out of your way to get those precious shards, but if and when you can, upgrade this asap.

As for the potion upgrades? The second or third upgrade for your health potions should be enough. The third upgrade refills up to 12 chunks of health, more than enough as you are gaining health back anyways during battles by stunning enemies. For stamina, max this out if you can, since it doesn’t refill as much as the health potion.

More importantly, max out the divine damage upgrade for a 100% boost in damage. I don’t really have to explain why, and coupled with a Charged Hephaistos Hammer, you’ll be knocking enemies out of the park.

Get Aphrodite’s Embrace asap

This basically gives you a “Resurrection” skill, I don’t really need to explain how good that is in tight situations. Get it first, and then your call on how you wish to go about the other gods but my recommendation would be Aphrodite (if only for the first blessing) > Hephaistos > Athena / Ares. Hephaistos has some area of effect bonus damage that will help with this specific playstyle, so it is great to have these right away.

Speaking of Godly Powers…

Use godly powers to cheat your way through some puzzles

There are 3 important Godly Powers to get right away if you have the Charon’s Coins for them and they are Precision Control, Phosphor’s Clone, and Heavy Lifting.

Precision Control let’s you speed up or slow down Apollo’s Arrows, which are great for a lot of the puzzle solving in the game, especially with the Myth Challenges.

Phosphor’s Clone will give you access to a clone that you can use to step on plates to solve puzzles while Heavy Lifting allows you to carry otherwise un-carryable objects. They may not sound like much, but let me explain…

Let’s say you are faced with a puzzle that requires 3 plates to be stepped on all at the same time but you can only find 2 small objects to place on the 2 plates. You don’t need to look for the third, just use Phosphor’s Clone on the third and voila, puzzle solved. The same goes for heavy lifting, which will allow you to carry and throw heavy objects without needing to push them around and figure out navigating.

That’s about it! With this build, you’ll be breezing through the game until the last boss, which isn’t too hard to deal with if you’re using these tips. There are other builds from the other weapons and armor sets, so feel free to experiment with a good combination that fits your playstyle but if you like big damage numbers and hitting enemies like home runs, you can’t go wrong with this.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is now available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC.

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