Cyberpunk 2077 – Newbie Guide to the Money Glitch

Cyberpunk 2077‘s third hotfix update 1.06 fixes that dreaded file corruption glitch on the PC where if your files go over 8MB, there is a possibility that your file will be permanently corrupted. Needless to say, the game was launched as a buggy mess, but there’s a particular “bug” that is rather helpful and will greatly benefit you if you plan to collect and buy everything Night City has to offer. The infamous Cyberpunk 2077 “money hack” is quite possibly the most useful glitch by far, and here’s how to do it.

What you will need is the Untitled 18, Brancesi 2021 Painting acquired from the side job “Space Oddity”. You can easily find it in San Domingo at Act Two where you can find a bunch of bums tinkering with a laptop they found at a nearby dumpster. You can take it from them by force (you need Body of 6 or higher) or you can buy it for E$2k.

From there you should have Intelligence of 8 or higher to access it and once you’ve breached the system, you could track the package in the Badlands where you will have to neutralize eight Millitech grunts and you get the painting.

You will need to find any drop point terminal and sell the said painting. Then you will need to trigger a secret menu after you’ve sold your painting. Simply hold down your Options button and the sell prompt at the same time. (See video above)

For Playstation users, that would be your Options button and the Triangle button. The screen that should appear will be the Buyback screen with a transparent background where you could see the terminal in the background.

Why is this important? Because it sells for E$4k and with the “money hack” you can buy it back for only E$5. Yes, E$5, the price of two pieces of random junk, you can buy it back and resell it once again for E$4k until you’re satisfied. This is the only item that’s selling for significantly lower than the actual buyback price, if you decide to do the Item Duplication Cheat (more below), every other item will sell for full price.

For every five paintings, you’ll be draining every terminal in Night City for a total of E$300k per day. The drawback is that the terminals only hold E$20k and takes a full day of in-game time to replenish its reserves. You could manually wait a day to replenish the cash reserves, but for those who want to preserve the narrative of the story, feel free to pass on this cheat until you’ve completed the story.

Also take note that you can take this further to the Item Duplication Glitch. If you did the actual instructions on top correctly, you can buy back as much as you could carry. In the video below, I bought back around 80 or so paintings back, but you can do it for other items as well, as long as you have enough money to actually buy it back for the full price. Meaning you can create unlimited crafting material and with the money glitch, you wouldn’t be hurting for money any longer.

Now for the purists among you, is this cheating? Probably. But so is loading a save file to test out different possibilities. Until another hotfix is created to “fix” this bug, you can have as much cash as you want. It still takes work to drive to all the terminals to get $20k at a time, but this totally speeds up the whole process.

Or you can just manually wait until the next day, but I like to preserve the immersion aspect of the game knowing that your character is on borrowed time. Even a cheater like myself has a line I don’t like to cross.

All that cash and all these cars will be yours

Cyberpunk 2077 is not available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and Stadia.

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