Horizon Forbidden West – How to Access New Game+ and What Carries Over

Horizon Forbidden West just got a major update over the weekend, and it adds substantial stuff to the game that players have been requesting.

Apart from a visual fidelity boost during performance mode and ultra-hard difficulty, the update also includes the addition of a new game+ option that will allow players to enjoy Aloy’s adventures once again with a number of benefits.

Horizon Forbidden West – How to Access New Game+

Accessing the new game+ option in Horizon Forbidden West is slightly different compared to other titles. Whereas you would usually start a new game+ in the main menu, you’ll need to start and go in the game first before anything else.

When the game has loaded, bring Aloy back to “The Base”, which is the place where you and your comrades would normally convene. Head over to the main room in the center where you can find Beta and an arrangement of candles surrounding a metal structure that looks like one of those metal flowers throughout the world.

Interact with the structure and you will get a prompt to start a new game+. Take note that to do this, you’ll need to have finished the game first before anything else!

There are also a number of weapons that you can access from the shops (once they become available) and will cost you 10 champions tokens each:

  • Rain of Sparks – Legendary Warrior Bow
  • Iriv’s Downfall – Legendary Sharpshot Bow
  • Legacy’s Reach – Legendary Blastsling
  • Brawlbreaker -Legendary Boltblaster
  • Tears of The Land God – Legendary Hunter Bow
  • All Mother’s Blessing – Legendary Warrior Bow
  • The Final Chapter – Legendary Shredder Gauntlet

Champions tokens can be obtained by finishing up activities (main quest, side-quests, etc) in the game, so you’ll stumble upon these regularly as you play.

Horizon Forbidden West – What Carries Over in New Game+

In short, pretty much everything! Everything you’ve collected, including weapons, armor, resources, and much more will be carried over when you start a new game+. Of course, that said, enemies will become harder as well, but Aloy will be able to obtain better equipment this time around to help her with the tougher journey ahead and ultimately, ultra hard difficulty.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available for the PS4 and PS5.

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