Unicorn Overlord Trophy List

Wondering how many trophies Unicorn Overlord has and how easy it is to get them?

Unicorn Overlord has 51 trophies in total, with 38 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. Apart from the story progress trophies, players will be tasked with fulfilling multiple quests, performing combat feats such as dealing a certain amount of damage in a single attack, and even promoting and leveling up their characters.

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*Spoilers Below*

Unicorn Overlord Trophy List

Here are all of the PlayStation Trophies for Unicorn Overlord:

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Almighty UnicornPlatinumObtained all trophies.
The Unicorn RingBronzeCompleted the quest “The Unicorn Ring.”
The Priestess, AbductedBronzeCompleted the quest “The Priestess, Abducted.”
Another PrinceBronzeCompleted the quest “Another Prince.”
Heir to the DragonlandsBronzeCompleted the quest “Heir to the Dragonlands.”
O’er Wood and WaterBronzeCompleted the quest “O’er Wood and Water.”
The Witch’s WordBronzeCompleted the quest “The Witch’s Word.”
Legacy of the Lion KingsBronzeCompleted the quest “Legacy of the Lion Kings.”
A Fleeting DreamBronzeCompleted the quest “A Fleeting Dream.”
Bound by Sacred OathBronzeCompleted the quest “Bound by Sacred Oath.”
The Holy MarchBronzeCompleted the quest “The Holy March.”
Unicorn OverlordSilverCompleted the quest “Unicorn Overlord.”
Dying Breath of an Empire FallenSilverComplete Completed the quest “Dying Breath of an Empire Fallen.”
The Rite of CovenantSilverPerformed the Rite of Covenant on the isle of Palevia.
Wisdom of the Great SagesBronzeVisited all six sanctuaries and receive the great sages’ power.
The Overlord, DefeatedSilverDefeated Galerius once and for all.
The Light of FevrithGoldShattered Baltro’s foul ambitions and liberated Fevrith for all time to come.
It’s a StartBronzeCompleted 30 quests.
Leading by ExampleBronzeCompleted 60 quests.
Kind of HeartBronzeCompleted 90 quests.
True BenevolenceBronzeCompleted 120 quests.
Servant of the PeopleSilverCompleted 150 quests.
Three Birds with One StoneBronzeVanquished a three-member unit in just one battle.
Four Birds with One StoneBronzeVanquished a four-member unit in just one battle.
Five Birds with One StoneBronzeVanquished a five-member unit in just one battle.
A Superior StrikeBronzeDealt 100 or more damage with a single attack.
Reaching New HeightsBronzePromoted any character to their advanced class.
Paragon of StrengthBronzeReached Lv. 50 with any character.
An Unbreakable BondBronzeBuilt maximum rapport between any two characters.
Fevrith, RestoredSilverRestored all towns of Fevrith.
Seasoned GourmandBronzeAte ten meals in taverns.
A Fearsome FivesomeBronzeIncrease a unit’s maximum size to five members.
The Loyal LegionBronzeUnlocked all available unit slots.
A Dusty BookshelfBronzeObtained 100 archive entries.
A Burgeoning LibraryBronzeObtained 250 archive entries.
A Vast AthenaeumSilverObtained 400 archive entries.
Compiler of ClassesBronzeRegistered all classes in the Class Registry.
Rookie TravelerBronzeTraversed over 30% of the world map.
Veteran TravelerBronzeTraversed over 60% of the world map.
World TravelerSilverTraversed over 100% of the world map.
Treasure HunterBronzeFollowed maps to find five hidden treasures.
Treasure CollectorBronzeFollowed maps to find ten hidden treasures.
Treasure MasterSilverFollowed maps to find 20 hidden treasures.
Nascent DaysBronzeAttained renown rank D.
Whispers in the StreetsBronzeAttained renown rank C.
Growing Cries of RevolutionBronzeAttained renown rank B.
Beloved by AllBronzeAttained renown rank A.
History Shall Speak their NamesSilverAttained renown rank S.
Finder of FowlBronzeCaught all escaped chickens.
Beware their RageSilverHad a biscuit stolen by a goat.
Champion of the ColiseumGoldDefeated Amalia in an offline coliseum bout.
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Will you be getting the Platinum Trophy for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Unicorn Overlord is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.

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