Synduality: Echo of Ada Producer Reveals Inspiration From Final Fantasy VI and Hatsune Miku

During Thailand Game Show 2023, we got a chance to talk to Yosuke Futami, producer of Synduality: Echo of Ada, as he answered various questions about the game from the media, including the inspiration that he took for the game.

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The theme of the game revolves around the catchphrase “I’m with you,” symbolizing the divergence of humans and AI. Players will be accompanied by a Magus, an AI-equipped humanoid robot designed to complement human intelligence, who will reinforce the catchphrase and ensure that, whether solo or online, the players will never be alone in their adventures.

The decision to implement Magus this way is aimed at providing a unique and positive experience for players. “When you play shooting games with other human players, there’s a tendency to blame each other for faults. It’s the opposite with Magus, as they won’t blame you but at the same time will provide the feeling of still playing with others because of their guidance.”

This is certainly felt during gameplay, as your Magus will call out possible threats and warn players of impending danger. Your Cradle Coffin, otherwise known as your mech, is integral to your survival, and keeping safe from threats will be a priority objective every time you take on the battlefield.

Cradle Coffins are capable machines, and Futami mentions a couple of inspirations that went into the design of these mechas. “One of my main inspirations for the design was Final Fantasy VI (Magitek Armor). Also, instead of taking on the form of a full robot, I also thought of it being a tank, kind of like Tachikoma (Ghost in the Shell).”

final fantasy vi magitek armor

Interestingly, for the story aspect of Synduality: Echo of Ada, Futami specifies two properties that he took inspiration from that we never thought we would hear: Hatsune Miku and Bakemonogatari.

“It’s a bit contradictory, but Hatsune Miku is trying to be human, so she sings, but she can sing fast rhythm songs that humans cannot. For Bakemonogatari, there’s a part where the characters try to talk with each other but often encounter miscommunication, and it is that “atmosphere” of communication that’s even happening today.”

Speaking of anime properties, Synduality also has an anime series called Synduality: Noir, which takes place 20 years after the game. Futami notes that players don’t need to watch the anime to understand the events of the game. “In the game, players will find a lot of story-related tidbits that will make more sense as to why the anime is that way. Even then, if you didn’t watch the anime, you can still fully enjoy the game.”

Customization seems to be a big part of Synduality: Echo of Ada, and players can look forward to spending time customizing their Cradle Coffins. “You can modify the body parts, the arms, and the legs,” Futami says. “Inside the game, you can find more supplies that you can modify, and this extends to weapons and the Magus as well. You can choose a style for the Magus, whether they are good for PVP or PVE. You can also customize yourself according to the Magus you choose.”

While customization will be a big draw to the game, it will be the battles that players can look forward to the most. The main gameplay loop of Synduality: Echo of Ada will see adventurers gather valuable AO crystals while trying to extract them amidst the dangers surrounding the map. These crystals will play an important role in character progression, as they are a key currency for upgrading their inventory.

“You can use these to buy weapons and mecha parts, but you will also need a lot of money to purchase these upgrades,” Futami explains. “Crafting is also in the game, and if you want to craft good equipment, money is also very important. This is also true with repairing equipment, as a lot of money will be needed.”

synduality ao crystal

When asked about how many maps players can expect, Futami just grins and cannot say at the time, but leaves us with a short answer that we can look forward to – “It’s not only one. What I can tell you now is that the map will have a northern and southern part, and parts will be locked at first before you can explore further. Since the game will be updated from time to time, there’s a possibility that each map will have different objectives, and there will also be one part of the map that will be super popular for PVP.”

Special thanks to Yosuke Futami for answering the media questions during the Thailand Game Show 2023!

SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.

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