Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart top starter weapons

Don’t know which weapons to run with? Here are the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart top starter weapons!

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is an exceedingly fun game because of its fantastic action and exhilarating main quest line. There tons of mechanics to enjoy, but the main interaction you’ll have this game will be through beating up the baddies who are out to stop you, and you’ll have a hard time surviving on your wrench or hammer alone.

You’ll be receiving weapons from the get-go, and there will be a lot to try out and take with you. Like other games though, some of these weapons will be better than others, but its hard to go wrong with your basic loadout especially when fully upgraded.

Burst Pistol

Rift Apart top starter weapons burst pistol
  • Type: Gun
  • Level 5 Version: Blast Pistol
  • Secondary Skill: Full-press allows for spread shot using more ammo.

The basic gun can easily be overlooked, but it is very reliable when you’re in a pinch. The Burst Pistol is good with range, has pretty good damage, and more importantly, has a ton of ammo that can serve as your go-to-gun when your other weapons run out. It is as average as it can be, but when push comes to shove, you have a safe bet by binding this piece on your quick select.

Topiary Sprinkler

Rift Apart top starter weapons topiary sprinkler
  • Type: Support Weapon
  • Level 5 Version: Toxiary Sprinkler
  • Secondary Skill: Chance for enemies to drop extra nanomachines for healing.

If I could have a support gun that is great for crowd control to set up for a power attack, I’d go with the Topiary Sprinkler over the Ice Blast. You can set up the sprinkler in the middle of a fire fight and anything that gets in the way is disabled for a short time. It’s even works for bosses, which provides an excellent set up to a power attack from either the Collider or the Warmonger.


Rift Apart top starter weapons topiary shatterbomb
  • Type: Explosive
  • Level 5 Version: Shatterblast
  • Secondary Skill: Greater area of effect

As far as explosives go, the later pieces you will receive is great for novelty and fun factor. Yet, when you need a reliable bomb, the Shatterbomb will be your go to. It’s quick, simple, and no frills. You throw it, it explodes, it clears the board. That’s all you’ll pretty much need, since the later levels will have a bunch of enemies attacking you at the same time.

Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable with throwing stuff around in the fear of missing your mark, the Enforcer serves the same purpose – clearing out a bunch of enemies with the least effort and ammo possible. At close range, the Enforcer is a powerful weapon that can chain damage to nearby enemies when upgraded.

Mr. Fungi

Rift Apart top starter weapons topiary fungi
  • Type: Support Weapon
  • Level 5 Version: Ms. Fungal
  • Secondary Skill: Toxic cloud upon leaving play

If you could only upgrade one weapon in the game, make it Mr. Fungi. Despite its sorry sounding name, this is the best crowd control of the game, which is equivalent to the Mr./Mrs. Zurkon versions in the previous Ratchet & Clank games. It’s so good, that I could leave them at one part of the screen, wait for them to take care of EVERYTHING, while I cover another side or take down a Juggernaut.

Trust us, this weapon will make all enemies beg for their lives.


  • Type: Boss Killer
  • Level 5 Version: Peacemaker
  • Secondary Skill: Homing rockets

Out of all the weapons mentioned above, this one is closer to midgame/endgame fare. However, they’ve taken the previous Warmonger weapon and in Rift Apart, added the homing mechanic, to make it a vicious boss-killing machine. While the only downside is limited ammo, each rocket packs a mean punch, making it a great combo with the Sprinkler or the Ice Shot. It makes quick work of Juggernauts and makes the fight with the final boss easy peasy lemon squeezy.

There are other notable weapons in the game like the Negatron Collider and the Enforcer (as mentioned), so it all really depends on your preference and playstyle. Some appear very late in the game, but since these starter weapons are with you within the first couple of levels, you’ll have maxed out their upgrades before getting other weapons, making them hard to replace.

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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