Exoprimal – Guide to Using the Witchdoctor

Support classes in multiplayer games often get the short end of the stick as leveling is sometimes harder and slower. Exoprimal isn’t exempt from this as there are some pretty cool and badass-looking assault and tank characters that deliver massive damage while looking cool. It is Capcom after all.

Then there’s the Witchdoctor. While it’s probably the least flashy Exosuit next to the Roadblock, it cannot be denied that they are simply too good at what they do. Built properly, it is probably one of the best support Exosuits in Exoprimal that can net you some nifty points, even becoming (gasp) MVP in certain conditions.

In this Exoprimal guide, I’m going to show how to build a competent Witchdoctor, which is not all about healing as most may expect. With proper knowledge, it can even transition to a battle priest that can support the party proficiently. It is my favorite Exosuit in Exoprimal as it is easy to use and removes the stigma that support suits aren’t fun.

Exoprimal Story
Yeah bring it on!

Exoprimal – Guide to Using the Witchdoctor

The first thing to consider before even thinking about a Witchdoctor build is its play style – find a playstyle that works for you. My primary build is a healing style with a secondary function of paralyzing enemies as you have two charges for your repair field and it helps your team quite a bit.

Another ability that helps the Witchdoctor prove their worth besides healing is their primary attack – the Neuro Rod, which inflicts sustained low electrical damage for most enemies including larger dinosaurs. However, enough sustained damage will completely paralyze them, which other party members can capitalize on.

Other abilities that round off your Witchdoctor is the Escape Leap which gets you out of sticky situations, and the Feed ability, which heals and grants a speed buff to your party members and debuffs your enemies while charging your Neuro Rod.

A combination of all of these makes the Witchdoctor one of the more versatile classes in Exoprimal despite their attack stat.

Exoprimal Witchdoctor
Yep, it’s all about the shock value.

Mods and Advance Builds

As you improve your play style, and ultimately, the Witchdoctor’s Exosuit level, you will eventually unlock the class-specific mods for the Exosuit. Generally, what you’ll also unlock are the Rig tools that grant your Exosuit an extra ability. I’d say the Aid and Boost tools are redundant as you already have superior class-specific skills, so in the meantime, stick to your Cannon loadout.

For a more offensive type of Witchdoctor, I’d go with a blade as it supplements your paralyze ability by further paralyzing nearby foes. The shield allows you better soaking of damage as a field medic, especially during tougher story missions where every bit of health counts.

As for your Neuro Rod mod (Slot One only), I chose the Sprawling Shock instead of the Shock Therapy. While Shock Therapy is a good backup to paralyze larger dinosaurs such as the Carnosaurus and Triceratops quicker, Sprawling Shock is a must for crowd control. For the most part, you’ll be dealing with Raptor Swarms in Exoprimal, and by shocking them quickly, you can advance to the next areas quicker.

Exoprimal Witchdoctor Build
You can’t have a party without a working battle priest

For your second mod, I recommend using the Adrenaline Feed, which adds an offensive buff to your allies. Do you have a badass Murasame or Zephyr on your team? Improve their offensive capabilities with this buff. They’ll thank you later!

As for your Escape Leap mod, I recommend the Safety Leap. It adds an additional repair field charge pushing you to quickly spam the field with helpful healing areas. You not only escape or charge toward your next target but allows you to have an extra healing charge to maximize your healing capability.

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Exoprimal MVP
Just gonna flex a little here…

The endgame for the Witchdoctor serves either as the party’s sentinel or field medic. By being able to shift playstyles, choose which one your party needs the most and play it well. As each Exosuit gets its overdrive or ultimate, the Vital Aura is a fantastic endgame move that can fully heal your party and greatly slow down your enemies’ progress. It takes a while to charge, so use it sparingly.

While it is fun to play the Witchdoctor at the moment. I can’t wait to see its Alpha Variant performance when the Savage Gauntlet play mode arrives in the future releases of Exoprimal.

Exoprimal is available on the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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