Greak: Memories of Azur Guide – How to complete the starting quests

Unlike other RPGs and open worlds that bombard you with fetch quests, Greak: Memories of Azur does it quite differently. They’re mostly doable and you don’t have to go out of your way to achieve them because they’re usually on the way to your main objective.

Just in case you still need a guide to complete the starting quests of Greak: Memories of Azur, we’re here to help!

Greak: Memories of Azur Starting Quests Guide

Can I Have Some More?

One of the first quests of the game starts when Greak wakes up at a survivor’s camp and receives some mushroom soup. When Greak asks for more, Riiam, the camp provisionist claims that they’re low in supply and you have to find the ingredients yourself.

Finding mushrooms and other foodstuffs are quite easy as many of them are found growing on the ground. They usually heal between 1-2 HP, but when you collect three of them, Greak can cook the item to boost the healing item to 2-4 HP. That being said, try other ingredients to cook to be better prepared for the long haul.

So You Wanna Be a Scout?

Once you’ve collected your map, Zack at the edge of town will train Greak for battle, if you’ve proven that you can handle yourself in a fight. For his first task, Greak will have to defeat 5 Plague Crawlers, which can be found anywhere on the map. I’d suggest fighting them in Forest as these enemies are abundant. Once you’ve defeated five of them, return to Zack, and he’ll teach you a downward slash which is quite a useful technique in my opinion.

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Yep there’s a lot of these guys to go around

Searching for Glass

As you explore the town, you’ll notice that the watchtower has a telescope, but no way of checking the map out. As it turns out, it is missing a telescope lens. There seems to be a traveling merchant who deals in obscure items and he probably is carrying this elusive trinket. To find this merchant, he’s located in the forest in the upper right-hand area of the map. He’s selling the telescope glass for 90 cribes, which is quite a chunk of change.

If you double jump over to the east, you’ll find a treasure chest containing a Bosco Statue, which you can sell for 84 cribes and you could pick up said trinket. (Or you can save your money and get a Scout Bag that increases your carry items by one. It’s your money)

You Really Wanna Be A Scout?

After learning the first sword technique from Zack, I’d say it’s now the right time to learn another? Return to Zack after completing the last quest and he’ll send you off to defeat 10 Plague Bats. They’re trickier compared to your average ground-based enemy, but shoot some of those arrows, and they’ll easily die. You can find them either at the Zyndra Forest or Velhora Waterfalls, usually where there are many pitfalls. They’re just as abundant as the Plague Crawlers, so it’s not too big of a search. Once you complete that, you’ll learn an upward sword technique that easily dispatches flyers.

Get Some of that Rope

At this point in time, I’d say you’re ready to take on your first airship quest. The Courines marooned at Raven’s Road Camp are basically stuck trying to complete an important mission, but now found themselves stranded. As a result, they’re tasked to build an airship with the available materials so they can escape the onslaught of the Urlags. Your first task is to find four pieces of rope, which are all found at the Waterfalls.

Take note that there is no storage function in this game nor can you deliver them by the piece to the quest giver. You’ll have to find them all and return them at once.

Another option is to purchase a Scout Bag to increase your carried items by one to make it a dedicated quest slot. It costs about 100 cribes, so it’s quite a big investment.

The first piece of rope could be found at the bottom right-hand spot of the Waterfalls.

The second piece is quite tricky, check out this video to nab it.

The third piece is inside this room where you’ll have to fight an Urlag scout for it.

The final piece is located deep in the Waterfall cave and is guarded by either an Urlag or a Kahan.

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Prove That You Are A Scout!

At this point, you’re ready for your final piece of training. You’ll have to defeat 5 Kahans, which are hard to come by as they don’t respawn as often compared to the Crawlers and Bats.

I’d say choose to get this quest when you’re ready to find the rope as there are quite a fair number of Kahans this way. Once you defeat them, you’ll learn the last technique, which is a charge attack for your sword.

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With all that underway, I think you’re just about ready to tackle the rest of the world and find your siblings!

Greak: Memories of Azur is available now for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the PC.

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