Turn your island into Raccoon City with these Resident Evil inspired clothes for Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing has been one of the most played games during the quarantine and rightfully so, it’s a game that can is relaxing but can also get your creative juices flowing.

Players are coming up with fantastic designs such as superhero inspired outfits as well as the gang from Final Fantasy 7. This time around, be a zombie buster with Resident Evil outfits!

You can choose to take on the dark side as you take this Umbrella Corp. inspired design.

Or be one of the good guys with clothes for Jill Valentine and Leon!

How exactly do you get these designs to your game? It’s easy! Once Able Sisters is up on your island, you can easily download these designs via their kiosk. Just get hold of their design code, and voila – you will get ’em on your Nook Phone.

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