Chocobo GP Could Launch On Other Platforms ‘If Given The Opportunity’

Chocobo GP is scheduled to make a splash on the Nintendo Switch when it releases on March 10 (that’s today!) and with it, beloved Final Fantasy characters that will embark on a whole new adventure on the track.

Ahead of its release, we got a chance to ask a few questions to Chocobo GP’s Producer Hironori Okayama and Chocobo GP’s Director Akihiko Maeda, as they revealed some tidbits about what to expect from the game post-launch, as well as an answer to whether or not players will still be able to earn seasonal characters like Cloud and Squall even after the season has ended.

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OMG: What makes Chocobo GP stand out from other similar kart racer games apart from its ties to the Final Fantasy universe?

I would say the Story Mode and Chocobo GP Mode differentiate the game from the rest. The Story Mode was included as it was an element in “Chocobo Racing” that we thought was sought after. We also decided to make this game full of comedy and parody, because that was the gist of “Chocobo Racing”. In fact, we may have gone too far with it in this game! We hope that core fans of the Final Fantasy series and Chocobo series will find these comedic elements amusing.

Meanwhile, the Chocobo GP mode, which is a knock-out tournament, has been designed to allow players to enjoy playing at a fast pace. We hope that players will try out different characters and compete with players around the world in a style that suits them.

Okayama: The Chocobo GP mode brings a new experience to the Kart Racer genre with values, as it shows that coming in first place is not everything.

OMG: Will Chocobo GP make its way to other platforms or will it remain a Switch exclusive?

Okayama: Some elements such as graphics will be difficult to port at the current state, but we’d like to if there is an opportunity.

OMG: The game contains a nice list of characters in the Final Fantasy universe and it was revealed recently that Cloud and Squall will join the lineup in Season 1. Seeing as both Cloud and Squall are very iconic characters, will there still be a chance to get them once the season ends or will they be lost forever? Also, can you tease us a bit on who are the other characters that we may possibly see make the lineup, or maybe even tracks or characters from other Square Enix games (if any)?

Maeda: Characters and costumes will be added each season. Development is underway with plans to add several courses as well. We will keep you posted on what will be added, and we hope you look forward to them!

Okayama: Of course, there will be a chance!

OMG: Chocobo GP will seem to rely a lot on post-launch updates to keep players interested. Apart from season passes and new characters, are there any new features that players can expect as part of future updates?

Okayama: We don’t want to get into spoilers that much, but we are considering on adding two new characters each season – one that you can get with the full version, and one that you can get with the prize pass. The addition of new courses will be available to the entire player base, including the LITE version. Stay tuned!

chocobo gp screenshot 1

OMG: Who is your favorite character on the roster and what is your favorite track? Gold Saucer looks like a lot of fun!

Maeda: It’s difficult to choose one of them because each character has a special place in my heart. Although, the character I tend to choose for races is probably Chocobo or Racing Hero X. My favorite course is the long course of Gold Saucer!

Okayama: Tina. I think many people will enjoy seeing the Magitek Armor on rollers.

OMG: Chocobo GP Lite is quite an underrated feature, allowing access to a lot of content even though they haven’t paid for the game. Could you talk about the inspiration for this and how this can affect your future titles? Will we be able to see more of this in any applicable games in the future?

Okayama: The LITE version is a great way to increase the number of players participating in online game play in order to match players at a fast pace. It also allows for players to get together and play with their friends offline, even if they don’t have the full version of the game. I believe that this is a feature that could be adopted by other games, if they have a similar target and concept.

Chocobo GP is scheduled for a March 10, 2022 release for the Nintendo Switch.

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