DC Worlds Collide Showcases Batman And Riddler In Latest ‘What Am I?’ Event

DC Worlds Collide will be launching a brand-new event entitled “What Am I?” that will feature Batman solving riddles made by one of his trickiest rivals, The Riddler.

The event is scheduled to launch on March 3 in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines and players will get the chance to get some awesome limited-time rewards.

dc worlds collide batman riddler

DC Worlds Collide is the officially licensed mobile card game that lets players collect their favorite DC characters in a world filled with vibrant combat visuals and animation effects that feature well-designed 3D comic style models, including the Justice League’s Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, as well as DC Super-Villains like Lex Luthor and Harley Quinn.

The game features various iconic DC battles like Convergence Crisis, Elseworld, Warworld, Adventure Earth, and Crisis Watch. Players can also choose to dive into Character Origins, the story mode that not only recreates the origins of Super Heroes and Super-Villains but also offers you the opportunity to win rewards through mini-games.

Check out the DC Worlds Collide Facebook page and Instagram profile for more information about the game! Download the game now for your Android devices!

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