A sealed N64 Super Mario 64 copy sold at an auction for over $1.5 Million

Just last weekend, a world record was set for the sale of a rare The Legend of Zelda 1987 copy. The record, as it turns out, was short lived, as a new record takes its place earlier today with the sale of a 1996 N64 copy of Super Mario 64 for a whopping $1,560,000. That’s nearly double of the previous record!

According to Heritage Auctions, the Super Mario 64 copy is sealed and has scored a Wata 9.8 rating, which is almost as close as you’re going to get to perfect condition.

“The cultural significance of this title and its importance to the history of video games is paramount, and the condition of this copy is just so breathtaking that we’re really at a loss here. If you have had your heart set on obtaining the highest graded copy of the single best-selling video game on the Nintendo 64 — the first 3D adventure of Nintendo’s mascot, Mario — we only have one piece of advice: this is not an opportunity to waste.” says the site.

Other previous game-related sales that sold at astronomical prices were a 1987 The Legend of Zelda sealed copy for $870,000, Super Mario for the NES for $660,000, and a Nintendo PlayStation prototype for $310,000.

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