GameDec is a cyberpunk detective game that busts cheaters in online games

Quite possibly one of the more original concepts in recent memory, GameDec revealed its world premiere today at the Future Games Show. Funny enough that cyberpunk-style games received a bumper crop in recent memory (Cloudpunk and The Observer comes to mind) nevertheless, I’m still looking for the right game to fill the hole that Cyberpunk 2077 left.

I’m not sure how this game would play out, but the concept sounds interesting and I’m always in a mood for a well designed detective RPG. With Disco Elysium Final Cut around the corner, I’m always looking for what game to follow up with and this IP would probably scratch that itch. No word on any console release as of yet, but hey many Steam games usually make the jump after a while.

GameSec will be released on PC via Steam on September 16.

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