Hogwarts Legacy Trophy List Revealed, Will Test Your Patience

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t releasing until February 2023, but as early as today, we can already see the PlayStation Trophy list of the upcoming game, and it is looking to require full completion of the game.

The list comes courtesy of powerpyx, a trusted name in the industry when it comes to trophy guides. The game is said to contain 46 trophies and is based on the Epic Games Store PC achievements. As such, some values may change when the PS4/PS5 versions are released next year.

Since the list may contain spoilers, we won’t be posting it directly on this page, so if you want to spoil yourself and strategize on how to get the trophies next year, you’re free to do so but you have been warned!

Overall, the Hogwarts Legacy trophy list is looking to be aimed at true completionists of games, with the Platinum requiring quite possibly a 100% playthrough, collecting everything that can be collected.

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Will you be getting the Platinum Trophy for Hogwarts Legacy?

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