Jett: The Far Shore reveals first look at interplanetary gameplay

Remember Jett: The Far Shore? One of our predictions actually came true! We finally get a look at what this exploratory action is all about. Jett: The Far Shore tasks you to explore and potentially select a particular planet for the survival of your species. It’s impressive that this game was developed by three game designers and how their journey has grown to a full team.

Check out the video below:

You play as the interplanetary explorer Mei who embarks to a mythical ocean planet. Most of your adventure will occur on one planet and its exploration and eventual colonization. The gameplay contains two phases – exploration using your star cruiser and the third person boots on the ground. Combat isn’t the main design of the game, allowing for the indigenous wildlife to prosper. While danger is imminent, the key is mostly discovery and observation.

Jett The Far Shore will launch on the PS4, PS5, and PC in 2021.

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