‘Ridiculously Well-Made’ Elden Ring Mod For Tekken 7 Catches Harada’s Attention

Elden Ring is a hot commodity as of late, taking over discussions worldwide because of its impressive gameplay mechanics. Content creators are having a field day with the game, with all manners of content making its way to social networks. This one, in particular, is a Tekken 7 mod that absolutely slaps, even catching the attention of Katsuhiro Harada.

The mod comes by way of Ultraboy, who posted a video of the highly-impressive mod, showing Melina, Radahn, Ranni, and much more as Tekken 7 fighters. A lot of the more famous characters are here, but some outliers like the giant lobster are also included, making it an iron fist tournament to remember.

In fact, it’s so impressive, that Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada even commented about it, calling it “ridiculously well-made.” That being the case, Harada cautions everybody that it is just a mod and is not officially supported, saying “many people misunderstand it as official and ask us to support the problems it causes.”

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In case you want to mess around, the mod is available via the TekkenMods site.

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