Want To Get Those Hard To Find Video Game Collector’s Editions? Check Out These Local Sellers

Video game collector’s editions have been rising in popularity over the past few years. Once ignored for their absurd prices, these packages containing figures and other game-related paraphernalia are now flying off the shelves, with some even being scalped for a handsome profit.

The most obvious solution here is to purchase these directly from local retailers when they post pre-orders for the said collector’s editions. Stores such as Gameline, Datablitz, and Game One PH offer these sought-after collector’s editions straight from the publishers and regional suppliers, which ensures you get the items at regional SRP. Sadly, the selection can be quite limited at times, and there are some titles with collector’s editions that don’t make it to our shores for whatever reason.

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One way to go about it is to directly order from the publisher sites but since these are usually based in the US or Europe, you’ll have to deal with international shipping or have a forwarder bring home the goods.

To rid yourself of the hassle, there are some local sellers that can do the orders for you, oftentimes taking care of everything until it gets shipped to the Philippines where you can just coordinate to either pick it up or have it delivered to your place for a small premium in exchange for the service.

Sounds tempting? Here are some local sellers that you can look into to scratch that collector itch!

*These local sellers have been verified by either the author (as a customer) or by the local CE collecting community for legitimacy based on transaction history. Customer experience may vary per seller, please coordinate with them directly for any inquiries or concerns.

Rare Finds and Collector’s Editions from Local Sellers

Noli Jethro

Noli Jethro is one seller that mostly offers rare and limited Nintendo Switch games and collector’s editions coming from international stores like Limited Run Games. The seller will often open up a limited number of slots for pre-orders and a minimal downpayment fee will be required from the buyer to secure their order.

Customers on a tight budget can avail of Noli Jethro’s easy payment plans (subject to certain rules) to avoid paying such a big sum in one go. It’s just like using a credit card on an installment basis!


You can check out their offerings on their Facebook Page.

Blox Gaming Store

Blox offers items and collector’s editions that span across all consoles and will often sell various figures, statues, and steelbooks that are considered prized possessions by collectors.

As with other sellers, Blox will require a minimum downpayment for orders and once the items have arrived, customers can further coordinate with the seller for delivery options.


You can check out their offerings on their Facebook Page.

JL Geekerie

JL Geekerie is a relatively new seller in the local scene that specializes in rare and limited items from Korea and Japan. You’ll usually find them posting about some Korean exclusive item at low prices that will really tempt you to purchase the whole lot.

Apart from collectible steelbooks, their offerings also include various collector’s editions and hard-to-find merchandise that will surely target your wallet.


You can check out their offerings on their Facebook Page.

Retro Haven

Retro Haven offers a wide selection of Japanese items spanning from recent releases to some fantastic retro finds. If there’s something from the land of the Rising Sun, you can expect Retro Haven to be on top of it immediately.

Not only limited to games, their store also offers figures, toys, apparel, and even classic consoles that will make collectors scream in delight.


You can check out their offerings on their Facebook Page.

Beyond The Arc

Beyond the Arc games and collectibles is one other store that stocks R1 / US items that some collectors are very particular about. They’ve got almost all of the latest releases on pre-order, so don’t miss out on the chance to score those hard-to-find games.

As with other sellers, pre-orders are only available until a certain time so if you’re looking for a collectible that has been eluding you for some time now, Beyond the Arc might just have it for you.


You can check out their offerings on their Facebook Page.

See anything you like? Let us know what you’re planning to get from these stores!

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