Genshin Impact – Meet the Yelan and Kuki Shinobu Voice Actors

Genshin Impact grows bigger with every new update and character introduced into its massive world. Recently, with the new trailer revealing Version 2.7, HoYoverse has revealed two new characters that will join the Traveler in upcoming quests.

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Of course, with every new character reveal, it goes without saying that the voice actors behind them are just as big of a deal, considering the voice cast of the game is well celebrated in the Japanese seiyuu industry.

Meet the Yelan and Kuki Shinobu Voice Actors for Genshin Impact

Aya Endo as Yelan

genshin impact aya endo as yelan

Notable Roles:

  • Macross Frontier – Sheryl Nome (speaking voice)
  • Lucky Star – Miyuki Takara
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – Kinue Crossroad
  • Sekirei – Matsu
  • Date A Live – Reine Murasame
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Sumire Kakei
  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – Doctor Iosefka
  • Street Fighter V – Karin Kanzuki
  • Fire Emblem Heroes – Claire
  • Fate/Grand Order – Quetzalcoatl

Yelan is a Hydro type character who specializes in the bow and is a special intelligence officer in Liyue as well as the owner of the Yanshang Teahouse, among other things.

Her voice actor, Aya Endo, is a veteran of the industry and with numerous roles under belt, most famously Sherly Nome from Macross Frontier. In the 3rd Seiyuu Awards in 2009, she won the best Supporting Actress award and has gone on to portray various other roles in games such as Karin from Street Fighter V.

Yelan’s English voice actor is none other than Laura Post, who has portrayed such roles as Sophia from Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and Kasumi Yoshizawa from Persona 5 Royal.

Kaori Mizuhashi as Kuki Shinobu

genshin imact Kaori Mizuhashi as Kuki Shinobu

Notable Roles:

  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series – Yuno Scrya/ Vivio Takamachi
  • Makai Senki Disgaea – Laharl
  • Hidamari Sketch – Miyako
  • Senran Kagura – Yagyu
  • Muv-Luv – Akane Suzumiya
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – Ciela
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Mami Tomoe
  • Arknights – May, Lava/Purgatory
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven – Aya Tsuji
  • Monogatari series – Ougi Oshino

Kuki Shinobu is the deputy leader of the Arataki Gang and is an Electro type fighter who specializes in a sword.

Kaori Mizuhashi is another veteran of the seiyuu industry who started all the way back in 1996 and received recognition for voicing the lead character Kasumi Haruno in the NHK anime Kasumin. She has gone on to portray other great roles such as Aya Tsuji from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Kuki’s English voice actor is Kira Buckland, known for such roles as Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles and Honoka from Dead or Alive 6.

The Version 2.7 update of Genshin Impact, entitled “Hidden Dreams in the Depths”, will arrive on May 31 for the PS4, PS5, PC, and Mobile Devices.

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